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Visualizing the periodic table

Historical contributes to the organization of chemical elements.

October 11, 2013  |  CATEGORIES: Columns, Featured, News, Visualizing Science

The periodical organization of the chemical elements was not always as we know it today. In fact it was had several changes, as a result of the contribution of many researchers. The criteria for the organization, the number of elements and their designations constitute some of the changes that can be identified.

Below you can find some contributions, check them out:

1869 – Mendeleev’s Periodic Table 



1905 – Gooch & Walker Periodic Table



1916 – Harkins & Hall’s Periodic Table



1919 – Hackh’s Periodic Spiral



1920 – Schaltenbrand’s Periodic Table



1920 – Partington’s Periodic Arrangement of the Elements



1925 – Friend’s Periodic System



1926 – Hopkins’ Nearly Completed Periodic Table of The Elements



1926 – Andreas von Antropoff’s Periodic Table



1949 – Clark’s Periodic Arrangement of The Elements



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