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Science and Technology Infographics - September 2013

Monthly round-up of visual goodies about science and technology

October 7, 2013  |  CATEGORIES: Columns, Featured, News, Visualizing Science

This is the September edition of a personal choice of infographics about science and technology. This time, my picks cover very different topics ranging from the the space probing and understanding of the properties and solar phenomena,  to the understanding of the structure and function of blood vessels, among others.



Sun’s magnetic field – Diana Estefania



The technology of touch screens – Adam Baumgartner





Return to the Moon – Charles Apple




Blood vessels – Ana Cossermelli, Robson Quinafelix, Erika Onodera, Theo Ruprecht 




The first European man – Roberto

thefirstEuropeanman [Source]


The Vegetable Kingdom – Roberto




Nasa’s LADEE Probe to Study Lunar Atmosphere – Aleksei Timatkov, Masha Mikhailova, LLya Ruderman, Pavel Shorokh, Aleksei Novichkov




Cheetah: Nature’s Speed Machine – Jacob O’Neal



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Also read other postings related to this content
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