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For most cases a good old chart is more than enough to show a story. See where you'll find these graphs.

November 29, 2012  |  CATEGORIES: Featured, News

Although the boundaries of information design keep being pushed forward, for most cases a good old chart is more than enough to show a story and start ¬†a discussion around a specific issue – something you’ll learn quickly, for example, in Alberto Cairo’s free online course that we spoke about a few days back.

These graphs -¬†usually simple bar charts – can¬†become¬†a¬†powerful¬†ally as well, in terms of regular content generation. A ‘Daily Chart’ is much¬†easier¬†(theoretically) to create and feature on a site than a full size infographic or interactive visualization, and even if it’s not so ‘eye-catching’ as some of the examples featured on our Tumblr, there’s no question that this model has assured a certain amount of success to the sites that use it.

So, we decided to select some of those websites that we follow on a regular basis. We are, of course,  interested in knowing more examples of blogs and websites that offer this type of visual content, so feel free to let us know if you have any other recommendation.

(Click through the images to go to the website)

Graphic Detail blog | The Economist

Partial screen capture of The Economist's website

(image: Graphic Detail Blog | The Economist)


Chart of the day | Statista

Partial screen capture of Statista's website

(image: Chart of the day | Stasta)


Marketing Charts

Partial screen capture of Marketing Charts's website

(image: Marketing Charts)


Chart of the day | Business Insider

Partial screen capture of Business insider's website

(image: Chart of the day | Business insider)

Viz of the day | Tableau

Partial screen capture of Tableau Public 's website

(image: Viz of the day | Tableau)

(We’ve talked about Tableau here, we recommend it if you’re not familiar with this tool)

Chart of the day | The Atlantic

Partial screen capture of The Atlantic's website

(image: The Atlantic)


The previous examples all use charts to illustrate important issues(ok, except this one, perhaps). But charts have been used also for humor for quite sometime now. Here are three recommendations:

I Love Charts

I love charts

(Check out our exclusive interview with Jason Oberholtzer, the co-founder of this popular Tumblr blog)

Graph Jam | Cheezburger

Partial screen capture of GraphJam's website

(image: Graphjam | Cheezburger)


And, of course, we couldn’t finish this post without mentioning Kaiser Fung‘s Junk Charts, arguably the best place to learn chart making ¬†from other’s mistakes. Highly recommended.


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