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A brand new series celebrating infographic design

February 7, 2013  |  CATEGORIES: Featured, News

Visual Journalism it’s a much broader concept than just infographic production, but the balanced combination between text and images to convey a stor to a particular audience has in information design its greatest tool. And despite all the possibilities arising from interactive data visualization, the fundamentals of great information design are still mostly viewed in the pages of newspapers and magazines from all over the world.

We start today a new series of weekly posts dedicated to visual journalism, gathering examples from different publications. Some of these examples will be coming from non-English speaking countries, including Brazil, courtesy of Visual Loop Brazil.

If you want to submit your work to this section, just reach out through Twitter or Facebook. And here’s our first selection – with some Super Bowl action included, of course:

Super Bowl XLVII | Julio Lara, San Mateo Daily Journal

Super Bowl XLVII, infographic by Julio Lara

(image:Julio Lara )


Super Bowl 2013 | Alexis Robles , Periódico Quequi Quintana Roo

Super Bowl 2013, infographic by Alexis Robles

(image:Alexis Robles )


Super Hungry | Brady James Jones, Omaha World-Herald

Super Hungry, infographic by Brady James Jones

(image:Brady James Jones )


Super Bowl | Miguel Ulloa, La Razón

Super Bowl, infographic by Miguel Ulloa

(image:Miguel Ulloa )


Snowmobile crash at the Cermis skiing facility | Marco Giannini, La Repubblica

Snowmobile crash at the Cermis skiing facility, infographic by Marco Giannini

(image:Marco Giannini )


Can the Neanderthal Man be revived? | Francisco Javier Torres, Juan Velasco, ABC

Can the Neanderthal Man be revived, infographic by Francisco Javier Torres, Juan Velasco

(image: Francisco Javier Torres, Juan Velasco )


Tintín | Freddy Higa, Correo Semanal

Tintin, infographic by Freddy Higa

(image:Freddy Higa )


Roman Coliseum | Billy Melgar Guzman, Prensa Libre

Roman Coliseum, infographic by Billy Melgar Guzman

(image: Billy Melgar Guzman )


How LED works | Santosh Kushwaha, Gadget & Gizmos

How LED works, infographic by Santosh Kushwaha

(image:Santosh Kushwaha)


The Road to Low Carbon Infrastructure | Paul Weston, New Civil Engineer magazine

The Road to Low Carbon Infrastructure, infographic by Paul Weston

(image:Paul Weston )


Forest Fires | Esdras Jaimes, Dia a Dia

Forest Fires, infographic by Esdras Jaimes

(image:Esdras Jaimes )


Education in Portugal | Mário Malhão, Diário Económico

Education in Portugal, infographic by Mário Malhão

(image:Mário Malhão )



Scholarship Distribution | Carol Cavaleiro, Estado de S. Paulo

Scholarship Distribution, infographic by Carol Cavaleiro

(image:Carol Cavaleiro )


Born in the Sea | Letícia Raposo,Sergio Bergocce, Alex Silva, Revista Saúde

Born in the Sea, infographic by Letícia Raposo,Sergio Bergocce, Alex Silva

(image:Letícia Raposo,Sergio Bergocce, Alex Silva | Revista Saúde )



That’s it for our first edition of This is Visual Journalism. Hope you enjoyed it, and stay tuned for the upcoming weeks.

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