'Who's Who' in the data visualization field

Find out with the help of Francesco Franchi and Santiago Ortiz

July 5, 2012  |  CATEGORIES: Featured, Must see, Must see 2, News

Francesco Franchi just updated his list of resources about data visualization and information design. It’s a simple two sheet document (pdf) with names and links to some of the best blogs, agencies and experts in the field.

Francesco Franchi about data visualization

(image: Francesco Franchi / About data visualization

We’d like to thank Francesco for including our Tumblr in this list, it’s really an honour! And, now that we’re in the subject, we’d like also to acknowledge another recent project, this one by Santiago Ortiz. The ‘Data visualization references network’ is a visually stunning exploratory tool for users interested in the field.  Again, you can find a wide range of data visualisation experts, designers and agencies, as well as blogs, books, and tools. Our Tumblr was included, and we didn’t had the chance to publicly thank Santiago Ortiz for that.

Data visualization references network

(image: Santiago Ortiz / Data visualization references network)


These two links need to be bookmarked for life, if you’re serious about information design and data visualization.

Francesco Frachi – About information design /Santiago Ortiz – Data visualization references network

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