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4 Bi trees cut annually for paper production alone

July 30, 2012  |  CATEGORIES: Number of the day

Another snippet of information from Online Master Degrees‘ infographic Mankind’s Responsibility on the Earth and its Health, this time with some stas about paper consumption.

Quoting from the site:

Graduate students pursuing degrees in environmental or political science and public administration are preparing to confront the realities of this unchecked human expansion. Some of the most important questions they’ll be tasked with answering include: How will we be able to provide for a population that is living longer? What kind of laws or regulations will we need to create to ensure our survival as we rapidly deplete finite resources? And most importantly, will we be able to find stasis with the planet?


Mankind’s Responsibility on the Earth and its Health

(image: Online Masters Degree)


Check the full infographic at Online Masters Degree.

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