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Country: Mexico

City of residence: Mexico City


Visual journalist, Graphic designer and illustrator. Today works in Xinhua News Agency.

Alan Martinez, was born in 1988 in Mexico City and is currently a Senior Editor in infographics at Xinhua News Agency, Mexico. He has degree in design and visual communication at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), with a specialty in editorial design and illustration.

In 2013, Alan joined the Xinhua News Agency team, holding the position of junior-editor graphic designer. In this international environment, he learned how to create an illustrative message with visual aids in a more compact and explanatory level of information. Alan says that what motivates him to be an infographic designer is the “constant learning of new issues and the sharing of that knowledge with others.”

What he most enjoys producing in his work are the major graphics with exploded views, cutaways and illustrations, and the issues related to Science, Technology, Sports and History are his favorites.