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The motion design of Otávio Burin

Meet the work of one of Brazil's top video-infographic designers

August 18, 2013

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A couple of weeks ago, we published here a guest post by Otávio Burin, the infographic and motion designer currently working at Época magazine, in Brazil. In that post, Otávio offered us an inside look at one of his latest works, a video-infographic about the new Brazilian research base Comandante Ferraz in Antarctica.

So, we felt it would be nice to show you more of Otávio’s work, and dedicate a whole Portfolio of the week to him. He started his career in newsrooms at Folha de S. Paulo, one of Brazil’s top newspapers, back in 2010. Before that, he spent some time in adverting agencies working as graphic designer, which was something that Otávio feels it helped him a lot, when he joined the Folha de S. Paulo team.

Now, at Época magazine, he keeps spreading his talent with infographic design and motion video. Here is a sample of his works:

Otavio Burin + reel 2012

(Demo with the works produced in 2012 at Folha de S. Paulo.)

Data Nite | TV Folha


Expedition to the South Pole | TV Folha

(Videographic created with William Mur)

Security cameras | TV Folha


25 de Março Street – Who’s buying there?| TV Folha


Breast Cancer |

(Trabalho de motion realizado em parceria com Mario Kanno, Roteiro Mario Kanno e Tereza Rangel, Ilustrações Mario Kanno, Motion graphics Otávio Burin e Narração Fernando Kanzian)

60 years of SP Bienal | Folha de S. Paulo

Infografia com roteiros para a mostra "Em nome dos artistas" em comemoração aos 60 anos da Bienal.
(image: Otávio Burin | Folha de S. Paulo)

Skate | Folha de S. Paulo

Infografia sobre os prós e contras do uso do skate como meio de transporte e explicando a diferença entre os principais modelos.
(image: Otávio Burin | Folha de S. Paulo)

Skate | TV Folha


Soccer state championships | Folha de S. Paulo

 Infografia mostrando a duração dos campeonatos estaduais por região do país
(image: Otávio Burin | Folha de S. Paulo)


Visit Otávio’s Vimeo channel for more of his work, and we’ll be back next week with another Portfolio.

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.