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The work of Ryszard Popiolek

Our first featured infographic designer from Poland

September 29, 2013

This week’s featured information designer is the first one from Poland here on Visual Loop. Born in 1969 in Warsaw, Ryszard Popiolek has a 19-year experience as a senior editor, leading several dozens of publications at Warsaw Voice (Poland’s English-language magazines) and Polish division of De Agostini (one of the world’s largest publishers of part work series on general reference, as well as DIY books, language and hobby courses, music and film collections).

Ryszard Popiolek, this week’s featured infographic designer

He also works as a freelance infographics designer, mostly for popular scientific magazines Sekrety Nauki (Secrets of Science) and Focus Magazine Polish edition. Here’s what Ryszard told us about his work and career in information design:

Looking back, I see now that I have always been a visual learner and practiced the famous adage „a picture is worth a thousand words” intuitively, since I was a kid. In school and college I used to draw mind-maps and pictograms instead of usual small text crib sheets and learned English and German mostly from the visual dictionaries.”, said Ryszard in his message to our readers.

Today, as an editor, although it’s probably not typical for the profession stricly connected with a written word, I still unconsciously tend to visualize as many facts and data as possible and believe that the infographics are the best way to convey them to the wide audience in an attractice, clear and glanceable form. And that the visualizing is the key word of the future’s journalism in our visual-oriented world.

I see myself still as an inspiring visualizer thus it is a great honour for me to be featured on Visual Loop in the portfolio section with such a splendid companion of great artists like Adolfo Arranz or Gerson Mora, who I have always admired.

And here are the works Ryszard sent us:


Tattoo machine | Focus Magazine

(image: Ryszard Popiolek | Focus Magazine)

Car Wash | Focus Magazine

(image: Ryszard Popiolek | Focus Magazine)

Perfume notes vs personality

(image: Ryszard Popiolek)

Best and worst airplane seats | Sekrety Nauki

(image: Ryszard Popiolek | Sekrety Nauki)

Mysteries and curiosities of New Zealand | Sekrety Nauki

(image: Ryszard Popiolek | Sekrety Nauki)

Strange American laws | Sekrety Nauki

(image: Ryszard Popiolek | Sekrety Nauki)

Tea guide

(image: Ryszard Popiolek )

Fireworks | Sekrety Nauki

(image: Ryszard Popiolek | Sekrety Nauki)

Tattoo machine

(image: Ryszard Popiolek)

Tattoo machine | Sekrety Nauki

(image: Ryszard Popiolek | Sekrety Nauki)


You can check out Ryszard’s work on Behance, and don’t forgert: next week we’ll be back with another portfolio!

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.