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50 Olympic newspapers graphics - part II

More examples of beautiful and informative graphics from across the world

August 14, 2012

Welcome to the second part of this special series with infographics published in newspapers across the world, about the Olympics. You can check out the first part here, in case you missed it.


Olympic Ceremonies | Times of Oman

Olympic Ceremonies, by Times of Oman
(design & graphics: Antonio Farach and Winie Ariany; edition: Adonis Durado | Times of Oman/Shabiba Graphics)

Olympic Numbers | El Mercurio

Olympic Numbers, by El Mercurio
(infographic: Marcelo Duhalde | El Mercurio)

Let the Fun Begin | Times of Oman

Let the Fun Begin, by Times of Oman/Shabiba Graphics
(Illustration: Lucille Umali; design: Antonio Farach; graphics & edition: Adonis Durado; graphics: Sreemanikandan Satheendra Nathan | Times of Oman/Shabiba Graphics)

London 2012 – Which year saw the most records broken? | National Post

London 2012 – Which year saw the most records broken
(image: Jonathon Rivait, Rory Barrs, Mike Faille, Richard Johnson | National Post)

London 2012 | Panamá América

London 2012, by Panamá América
(infographic: Esdras Jaimes | Panamá América

The Olympic Route | Xinhua news agency

Olymic Games Mega infographic
(infografía: Estefan Cuanalo/Engelbert Chavarría; edição: Alejandro Aguerrebere e Pedro Saldaña | Xinhua news agency)

The (very big) bucks behind the Olympics | Fortune magazine

The (very big) bucks behind the Olympics
(infographic: Nicolas Rapp | Fortune magazine)

Evolution of the Olympic records | La Voz del Interior

Evolution of the Olympic records, by La Voz del Interior
(infographic: Juan Colombato and Matias Cipollatti | La Voz del Interior)

The Olympic Medallion | Times of Oman

The Olympic Medallion, by Times of Oman/Shabiba Graphics
(research, design & graphics: Antonio Farach; graphics: Sreemanikandan Satheendra Nathan; edition: Adonis Durado | Times of Oman/Shabiba Graphics )

The Olympics | The Chicago Tribune

The Olympics, by The Chicago Tribune
(design: Jonathon Berlin | The Chicago Tribune)

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Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.