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50 Olympic newspapers graphics - part III

Third part of this special series, featuring works from newspapers worldwide

August 15, 2012

The works selected for this third post of the Olympic newspaper infographics series continue to illustrate the magnificent history of the Games, in addition to helping understand the many sports events that took place this year in London. We also recommend you to visit Part I and Part II, in case you missed it.

Olympic Medal Pyramid | Times of Oman

Olympic Medal Pyramid, by Times of Oman
(infographic: Times of Oman/Shabiba Graphics )

Pistorius, the bionic athlete | AS

Pistorius, the bionic athlete, by AS
(infografia: Miguel Ángel Fernández | AS)

With a taste of Glory | La Razón

With a taste of Glory, by La Razón
(infographic: Iván Robles and Carlos López | La Razón

The sizzling 400 metres medley | Times of Oman

The sizzling 400 metres medley, by the Times of Oman/Shabiba Graphics
(infographic: Adonis Durado, Antonio Farach, Lucille Umali | Times of Oman/Shabiba Graphics)

Tale of the Tape | Times of Oman

Tale of the Tape, by Times of Oman/Shabiba Graphics
(infogrphic: Times of Oman/Shabiba Graphics)

Remembering 1968 | Fotbal Total

Remembering 1968, by Fotbal Total
(infographic: Carlos Zariñana Pulido | Fotbal Total)

Soccer Stars in the 2012 Olympics | Libero

Soccer Stars on the 2012 Olympics, by Libero
(infographic: Rolando Luis Bartolo Mesias | Libero)

Ramadan Olympics |Times of Oman

Ramadan olympics, by Times of Oman/Shabiba Graphics
(concept, design and edition: Adonis Durado; research, illustration and graphics: Isidore Vic Carloman, Lucille Umali, Winie Ariany, Antonio Farach | Times of Oman/Shabiba Graphics

Golden Soccer | Depor

Golden Soccer, by Depor
(infographic: Joel Vilcapoma Guerra | Depor)

Gymnastics Tie-Breaking Rule |Times of Oman

Gymnastics Tie-Breaking Rule
(infographic: Antonio Farach & Adonis Durado | Times of Oman/Shabiba Graphics)

Stay tuned for Part IV, tomorrow!

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.