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The work of Miguel Ángel Carbonero

One more visit to Spain, for infographic and interactive inspiration

November 10, 2013

It’s always a pleasure to bring to our readers the works of Spanish infographic designers. Today, Miguel Ángel Carbonero, who started his studies on Mass Media in 2002, at Pontificia University of Salamanca.

In 2004 he earned a scholarship that enabled him to work at the Graphic’s Design department, the same happening in the Summer of 2005, this time to work as an infographic artist in the local newspaper Tribuna de Salamanca.

After graduating, he joined the team at Marca, the top sports daily newspaper in Spain, as a full time infographic designer. He stayed there until 2009, when he became the head of graphics at Diario de Mallorca (Balearic Islands’ newspaper).

In 2011, another change: Miguel was in charge of interactive and multimedia in the Spanish website (Madrid), where he stayed for roughly one year, before coming back to Marca, with Germán Pizarro‘s team. He’s now working for both the paper and the website and he is developing other multiplatform projects as well.

With all this moving around and intense working it’s no surprise that Miguel’s talent has been recognised at the main stages of visual journalism, with awards from the SND in several occasions (Malofiej and ÑH).

Following his personal interests, he is doing some research about sound and infographics (synesthesia). Also, he is improving his skills on science, specially Physics, Anatomy and Physiology.

And here are the works Miguel sent us:

Asteroid | Magazine (El Mundo)

(image: Miguel Carbonero)

The works in the cathedral | Diario de Mallorca

(image: Miguel Carbonero)

Liga 2010-2011 | Diario de Mallorca

(image: Miguel Carbonero)

Moto GP 2010 | Diario de Mallorca

(image: Miguel Carbonero)

Weevil | Diario de Mallorca

(image: Miguel Carbonero)

Slot | Diario de Mallorca

(image: Miguel Carbonero)

Jorge’s Lunar walk | Diario de Mallorca

(image: Miguel Carbonero)

Understand what is the risk premium with a beer |

(image: Miguel Carbonero)

Super Cup | Marca

(image: Miguel Carbonero)

David Beckham hairstyles | Marca

(image: Miguel Carbonero)

Hungaroring F1 Circuit | Marca

(image: Miguel Carbonero)


You can connect with Miguel on Twitter (@macarbonero), and we’ll be back next week with another portfolio!

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.