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Konstantinos Antonopoulos

This week, our infographic inspiration comes from Greece.

August 26, 2012

Today’s Portfolio arrives from beautiful Greece. Sure, a nation with several problems, caught in the whole economical crisis that is affecting Europe. But nevertheless, a country to which we own a lot, as a civilization. We’ve been following Greek infographic designers for a while, and we’re happy to bring the first of many more to come in future editions of the Portfolio of the Week.

Meet Konstantinos Antonopoulos.

(image: Konstantinos Antonopoulos)

Konstantinos told us a bit about his work and career:

“I have been a journalist for 20 years, having worked in print, television, radio, internet and tablet publishing. Always trying to find out how things worked, beyond printed words or speech, I was intrigued by the technical aspect of news: learning to edit images and video, design, put things in motion or leap to the third dimension – everything I had to do to transmit the information to the reader in a clear, presentable, understandable way.

Beyond sketches and ideas, my first professional experience in infographics was when we launched the sports newspaper Exedra, some six years ago, where most of my portfolio comes from. At the same time I started designing interactive infographics for and, first in Flash and then in HTML5. All are companies of Lambrakis Press SA, where I continue to work until today.

I am also carrying the mentality of well-presented, easy-to-understand information in the tablet publishing business, being the co-founder of Rex Bites (, a company I helped launch a few months back with some exciting projects on the way to the App Store.”

And here’s a sample of his work:

Soccer players who have died on the field

(infographic: Konstantinos Antonopoulos; data: Panayotis Aroniadis | Exedra)

Real Madrid – Barcelona facts before the spanish “clasico”

(infographic: Konstantinos Antonopoulos; data: Alejandro Lozano | Exedra)

The sports calendar of 2011

(infographic: Konstantinos Antonopoulos | Exedra)

Raul reaches 500 matches with Real Madrid

(infographic: Konstantinos Antonopoulos, Makis Theofilopoulos; data: Alejandro Lozano | Exedra)

Country, player and coach history in the World Cup

(infographic: Konstantinos Antonopoulos; | Exedra)

(infographic: Konstantinos Antonopoulos | Exedra)

A chronology of Vladimir Putin in charge of Russia [Interactive]

A chronology of Vladimir Putin in charge of Russia
(infographic: Konstantinos Antonopoulos |

2011 in review [Interactive]

2011 in review
(infographic: Konstantinos Antonopoulos |

The 2012 Cannes film Festival

The 2012 Cannes film Festival
(infographic: Konstantinos Antonopoulos; data: Aggeliki Stellaki, Jenny Papageorgiou |

Amy Winehouse found dead

(infographic: Konstantinos Antonopoulos |

Hugo Chaves in charge

(infographic: Konstantinos Antonopoulos |

You can stay in touch with Konstantinos and follow his work on Tumblr, Pinterest, NewspageDesigner, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter (@konstantinosant). And we’ll see you next week!

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.