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Yael Shinkar

This time, a colorful portfolio from Israel

September 16, 2012

We’re pleased to present you the work of Yael Shinkar, an Infographic designer based in Israel and currently working for a financial newspaper circulated on weekends called “The Markerweek” that covers local and global economic news.

Yael Shinkar opening image

“I graduated 3 years ago from HIT college that is situated in Holon, Israel, with a Bachelor of Design degree, majoring in visual communications. During my studies I began working as an Infographic designer at “Ha’aretz Daily“, one of the leading newspapers in Israel. After graduating I worked as a graphic designer at several places, in a major advertising agency, in different graphic design studios, as a freelance designer, but at the end of that initial journey I found myself back as an infographic designer for “The Marker”, a daily financial newspaper, and after a couple of months started designing for the weekend newspaper, which has given me much more time to be creative and find a unique style and entertain other types of artistic projects.

I try to insert humor, color and accessibility as much as possible, so that the readers can enjoy the information presented to them, and as a bonus get a little giggle as well.”

And here’s a sample of that work:

Bank Commissions; 40 Degrees, without Shade; The Way to Freedom | Markerweek

(infographics: Yael Shinkar | Markerweek )

Big sellers, Biggest deals | Markerweek

(infographic: Yael Shinkar; journalist: Arik Mirovsky | Markerweek )

Sinking Continent | Markerweek

(infographic: Yael Shinkar; journalist: Asher Shecter | Markerweek )

Fifteen minute drive – pay a quarter of price | Markerweek

(infographic: Yael Shinkar; journalist: Adi Hagin, Ido Efrati, Hagay Amit, Shani Litman and Shuki Sade | Markerweek )

When the Muse escapes – Berlin/Tel-Aviv | Markerweek

(infographic: Yael Shinkar; journalist: Adi Hagin | Markerweek )

Take a Deep Breath | Markerweek

(infographic: Yael Shinkar; journalist: Hila Veisberg | Markerweek )

Are You Worthy to Play in Our Sandbox? | Markerweek

(infographic: Yael Shinkar | Markerweek )

Why live in Israel… | Markerweek

(infographic: Yael Shinkar | Markerweek )

Covering the Minus: The Way to a Balanced Bank Account | Markerweek

(infographic: Yael Shinkar | Markerweek )

“Learn a language at the speed of light” Brendan Lewis’s tips for learning a new languaget | Markerweek

(infographic: Yael Shinkar | Markerweek )

You can connect with Yael on Flickr, and we’ll see you next week with another Portfolio.

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.