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Vintage Infodesign [59]

Our regular weekly round up of old maps, charts and graphics

March 3, 2014

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One of the great blogs featuring vintage information designs out there is Slate’s Vault. The Vault is Slate’s “time-machine” blog, “dedicated to history at its most beautiful, strange, funny, and moving”, as the responsible for the space, Rebecca Onion, puts it.

Among the posts Rebecca offers on a daily basis, we often encounter old maps, graphics and diagrams, many of which have already been featured here, on Visual Loop’s Vintage InfoDesign. Our selection starts with three of those recent posts from The Vault – one to add to your RSS Feed, in case you haven’t’ already. And you can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

Hope you enjoy today’s picks!

Organization chart (1855) | Daniel McCallum

(image: Daniel McCallum)


Trading Game: France—Colonies (1941) | Office de publicite et d’impression

(image: Office de publicite et d’impression)


The Revolutionary War (c1920)

(image: The Revolutionary War (c1920))


A World of Stamps (1947) | Ernest Dudley Chase Winchester

(image: Ernest Dudley Chase Winchester)


Headquarters Town (1947) | Fortune Magazine

(image: Fortune Magazine)


Air France (1952) | Lucien Boucher

(image: Lucien Boucher)


Strasbourg Pontonniers (1793) | G. A. Klaenschi

(image: G. A. Klaenschi )


Empire of Cattle (1933) | Fortune Magazine

(image: Fortune Magazine)


Human Hair Streams (1902) | Scientific American Supplement

(image: Scientific American Supplement )


Survey of the Roads of the U.S. Northeast (1790) | Christopher Colles

(image: Christopher Colles)


Itinerarium Sacrae Scripturae (1592) | Heinrich Bünting

(image: Heinrich Bünting )


Map of Hudson Bay (1612) | Hessel Gerritsz

(image: Hessel Gerritsz)


The Dutch Republic (c1730) | Matthaeus Seutter

(image: Matthaeus Seutter)


Mountains of the World (1827) | A. M. Perrot

(image: A. M. Perrot)


War Weapons the US needs (1917) | Illustrated World

(image: Illustrated World)



That’s it for today’s round-up! We’ll be back next week with another round-up of vintage maps, graphics and diagrams, but until then, enjoy our Pinterest board, where we’re posting all of these visual goodies.

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.