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This is Visual Journalism [59]

Special edition dedicated to the awarded infographics at Malofiej 22

April 3, 2014

As we mentioned before, today’s edition of This is Visual Journalism is dedicated to the 22nd Malofiej Infographic Awards, specially in the print categories.

The jury had to go through more than 1,200 entries from 139 media companies across 34 countries, to give 17 gold medals, 50 silver medals, and 90 bronze medals, in print and online categories combined (read the full press release, for more information). The New York Times left Malofiej 22 as the great winner, taking home 39 medals and the Peter Sullivan Award – Best of Show Printed and Best of Show Online. The Guardian’s NSA Files: Decoded has established itself definitively as one of the great works of 2013, with a Gold Medal to add to previous awards.

But let’s focus our attention in the print categories. A total of 86 medals were given to printed entries (9 gold, 26 silver and 51 bronze medals). The New York Times, South China Morning Post, National Geographic Magazine, Clarín (Argentina) and the Times of Oman all took home a Gold Medal, and National Geographic Magazine won the “Miguel Urabayen Award” for the best map for printed category with ‘Drilling the Prairie’. The portfolios of IL/Si Premiun (Italy), El Correo (Spain) and the work of Adolfo Arranz at the South China Morning Post were also recognized with the gold in the Portfolio category.

Of course, there were a lot of remarkable works awarded, besides the Gold medalists. Like we did last year, we picked some of the awarded infographics of Malofiej22 to feature in this special post, many of which have already been presented in this same space. Once again, congratulations to all the winners and medalists, and you can check out the full list of awarded graphics here.

Enjoy the ride!

State Gun Laws Enacted in Year Since Newtown | The New York Times | Gold Medal and Peter Sullivan Award / Best of Show Printed

(image: The New York Times)

City of anarchy | South China Morning Post | Gold Medal

(image: South China Morning Post)

Drilling the Prairie | National Geographic Magazine | Silver Medal and Miguel Urabayen Award / Best Map Printed

(image: National Geographic Magazine)

A History of Skis | National Geographic Magazine | Silver Medal

(image: National Geographic)

Sochi 2014 – Skeleton | Moscow News | Silver Medal

(image: Moscow News)

The Battle of Vitoria | El Correo | Silver Medal

(image: El Correo)

Superbowl 2013 | “i” | Silver Medal

O futebol que se joga com as mãos, infográfico do i
(image: i)

Street soccer | “i” | Silver Medal

(image: “i”)

Cosmic Journeys | 5W Infographics for National Geographic Magazine | Silver Medal

(image: 5W Infographics for National Geographic Magazine)

The dead zone | South China Morning Post | Bronze Medal

(image: South China Morning Post)

Colón monument | La Vanguardia | Bronze Medal

(image: La Vanguardia)

22.7 teaspoons of sugar a day | National Geographic Magazine | Bronze Medal

(image: National Geographic Magazine)

The Life of a Wooden Pencil | Times of Oman | Bronze Medal

(image: Times of Oman)

Flip the Ship and Float It Away | Scientific American | Bronze Medal

(image: Scientific American)

The jewel of the City of Palaces | Diario La Razón | Bronze Medal

(image: Diario La Razón)

Drifters | El Correo | Bronze Medal

(image: El Correo)

Sochi 2014 – Short Track | Moscow News | Bronze Medal

(image: Moscow News)

The Rainbow Index | Courrier International | Bronze Medal

(image: Courrier International)

One-hour record | El Correo | Bronze Medal

(image: El Correo)


And from Brazil, some of the awarded works as well:

The new crusade | Superinteressante | Silver Medal

(image: Superinteressante)
(image: Superinteressante)
(image: Superinteressante)
(image: Superinteressante)
(image: Superinteressante)

The new Maracanã Stadium | O Globo | Bronze Medal

(imagem: | O Globo)

Conclave mark end of transition from Pope | O Estado de S. Paulo | Bronze Medal

infográfico: Glauco Lara, Rubens Paiva, Marcos Müller, Jonathan Sarmento e Gisele Oliveira | Folha de S. Paulo
(image: Estado de S. Paulo)

A rematch of the Spider | Extra | Bronze Medal

(image: Extra)
(image: Extra)
(image: Extra)
(image: Extra)

The inflation of ticket prices to the cinema, theater and concerts | O Globo | Bronze Medal

(image: O Globo)

Volkswagen Kombi | Folha de S. Paulo | Bronze Medal

(image: Folha de São Paulo)

Almost perfect (online version) | Folha de S.Paulo | Bronze Medal

Captura de tela parcial do infográfico interativo Quase perfeito
(image: Folha de S. Paulo)


Hope you enjoyed this post. We’ll be back next week with our weekly selection of print infographics. For more visual journalism, join us also on Pinterest.

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.