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His And Hers Colors

Stephen Von Worley's 2010 famous visualization enters the 'modern web age'

September 20, 2012

Digital artist and scientist Stephen Von Worley just updated one of his most well-known data visualization projects, His And Hers Colors, launched back in september, 2010.  According to Stephen’s blog post , the update happens due to the fact of  “Data Pointed’s user share of the last “non-modern” browsers – those that don’t support some semblance of HTML5, like Internet Explorer 8 – dwindled below the magic 10% threshold.”

(image: Stephen Von Worley | His And Hers Colors)
(image: Stephen Von Worley | His And Hers Colors)

About the visualization:

That’s a dot for each of the 2,000 most commonly-used color names as harvested from the 5,000,000-plus-sample results of XKCD’s color survey, sized by relative usage and positioned side-to-side by average hue and vertically by gender preference. Women tend to use color names nearer the top, men towards the bottom, and the dashed line represents the 50-50 split (equal usage by both sexes). Click through to the interactive version, mouse over a few dots, and it should all become clearer.

(image: Stephen Von Worley | His And Hers Colors)

From all the browsers we tried, the best experience was with Google Chrome, which is exactly what Stephen says on his post. Give it a try, play around with the filters, and if this is the first time you visit the site, take your time, it’s really worth it.


Links: Data Pointed – His And Hers Redux | Information Aesthetics – His And Hers Colors: Popular Color Names By Gender Preference

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.