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The work of Daniel Lux Sandoval

The balanced combination of illustration and information design

May 11, 2014

A nice return to Guatemala, in this edition pof Portfolio of the Week, to present you with one of the most well-known information designers of that country: Daniel Lux Sandoval, currently working at the Nuestro Diario newspaper. Daniel shared some of his work, as well as a bit of his history in the infographic world.

Daniel was born in western Guatemala, San Pedro Sacatepéquez, San Marcos. Since his childhood he liked to draw, so in 1993 he moved to the country’s capital to study. He took some free courses at the School of Plastic Arts (ENAP), and later entered the Faculty of Architecture of the University of San Carlos of Guatemala studying graphic design materials. Without his parents support, this surely wouldn’t be possible.

During the 90′, he worked in a couple of different schools, mostly as an Illustration teacher, and it’s only in 2000 that information design became part of his work, when he joined the graphics desk of the daily newspaper Siglo21, led at that time by journalist José Eduardo Valdizán. In just a couple of years, the work being done at Siglo21, with the invaluable collaboration of Fernando Velásquez, Guillermo Fernández and Luis Villacinda, just to mention a few, is recognized by the Society for News Design, with the first Award o Excellence in the Portfolio category for a Guatemalan newspaper.

Among Daniel’s references, Isaac de Coss and Willy Gomez Hill, and the infographic designers Jaime Serra, Nigel Holmes, Fernando Baptista, Javier Zarracina and Xavier Díaz de Cerio. Illustrators like Ricardo Martínez, Ulises Culebro, Ana Lense Larrauri, Rodrigo Sánchez, Vilmas Narecionis and Jaime Pandelet also played an important role in his development.

After a brief passage in the Diario de Centro America as infographic designer, and in the Periódico of Guatemala, creating editorial projects for the commercial area, Daniel joined the Nuestro Diario team in 2013, under the leadership of Joel Torres.

Here are some of the works Daniel sent us:

Osteoarthritis (2006) | Siglo21

(image: Daniel Lux Sandoval | Siglo21)

Breast Cancer (2013) | Nuestro Diario

(image: Luis Gil, Daniel Lux Sandoval | Nuestro Diario)

Malnutrition (2014) | Nuestro Diario

(image: Daniel Lux Sandoval, Sandra Valdéz, Jennifer Hernández | Nuestro Diario)

El Mirador (2006) | Siglo21

(image: Daniel Lux Sandoval | Siglo21)

Goal Ball (2014) | Nuestro Diario

(image: Daniel Lux Sandoval, Sandra Valdéz | Nuestro Diario)

Easter Sunday (2014) | Nuestro Diario

(image: Daniel Lux Sandoval, Sandra Valdéz, Óscar Espinoza | Nuestro Diario)

Easter (2014) | Nuestro Diario

(image: Daniel Lux Sandoval, Luis Gil | Nuestro Diario)

World Cup 2010 (illustration) | El Periódico

(illustration: Daniel Lux Sandoval | El Periódico)

Arafat (illustration) | Siglo21

(illustration: Daniel Lux Sandoval | Siglo21)

Intellectuals (illustration) | Diario de Centro América

(illustration: Daniel Lux Sandoval | Diario de Centro América)

Hunger and Oil (illustration) | Diario de Centro América

(illustration: Daniel Lux Sandoval | Diario de Centro América)


You can check out Daniel’s work on his NewsPageDesigner profile, and we’ll return next week with more infographic inspiration.

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.