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Open Data Cooking: Data-licious!

A journey from the language of numbers into the language of food

September 25, 2012

Food and data visualization can be mixed in different ways, especially if using information design to promote healthy eating habits, like we’ve seen here. One of the projects mentioned in that post was the first Data Cuisine WorkshopOpen Data Cooking”,  a two-day event ( Sep. 15–16, 2012) that took place in Helsinki, as part of the OK Festival.

And now we can see the results of this data-licious experimental research on the website!


 Open Data Cooking Workshop
(image: Data Cuisine)


From the blog post:

The workshop researches ways to represent local data through the inherent qualities of food such as color, form, texture, smell, taste, nutrition, origin etc. It offers to its participants the opportunity to translate data in concrete, sensually experienceable matter, from the language of numbers into the language of food, and thus to gain unexpected insights into both media and learn about their inner constructions and relations.


Besides exploring the concepts behind the tasty creations (with dishes like the Age & Language in Lentils, the Taste of migration or the Happiness cocktail), the site also offers additional resources and reference projects used in the workshop. The presentation made by Moritz Stefaner is particularly interesting (pdf).

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Links – Data Cuisine – Open Data Cooking Workshop


Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.