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The NYT or the The Guardian?

Site allows you to browse through more than 150 interactive graphics made by both publications

September 25, 2012

Two of the most notorious publications in the world, The New York Times and The Guardian, are recognised as being ‘the’ reference, when it comes to interactive infographics. Therefore, it’s just natural that, at some point, the comparisons between both start being made, which is always something complicated to do – unless you have a place where you can explore what both newspapers have done, on a variety of topics.

Thanks to Marije Rooze, we now have such a place. For her master degree’s  thesis about data visualization within the New York Times and the Guardian, she created a page inside her website where you can browse, filter and compare side by side a total of 156 interactive graphics produced about Politics, Business, Sports and a dozen other categories.

A Vault of Visualizations
(image: Marije Rooze)

The thesis was supervised by Yuri Engelhardt and Bas Broekhuizen, from the University of Amsterdam. Bas, who also runs the site Interactives, wrote about the work done by his student:

The visualizations produced by both news organizations are in many ways comparable. With one exception: The New York Times regularly involves the audience but in a rather restricted setting. In this regard The Gray Lady still fits in the classic gatekeeping model. The Guardian, on the other hand, offers users the opportunity to create their own visualizations and thus redefines its role from the provider of news to a provider of data.

Unfortunately, the thesis will not be made available online, but Marije said she will write a series of blog posts that touch on different aspects of her research.

Links: Marije Rooze – Interactive Graphics Overview | Interactives – A Vault of Visualizations


Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.