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November 20, 2012

The exercise of mapping our habits and lifestyle and transforming all that data in infographics was taken to another level when Nicholas Felton launched his first annual report, back in 2005. Since then, we’ve noticed a  rising number of personal graphics being created, mostly by students doing school assignments.

We are not talking about Infographic Resumes – another rising trend among the personal use of infographics – , but projects that tell the story, for instances, of a person’s eating and drinking habits, a list of references or the story of a trip around the world.

Like the infographic resumes, you’ll see a wide range of works in this selection. Many have a clear aesthetics focus, others are clearly experimental, and some are really impressive!

Hope you enjoy!

Cosmographies | Carlos Romo Melgar

Cosmographies, personal graph by Carlos Romo Melgar
(infographic: Carlos Romo Melgar)

Personal Knowledge database | Santiago Ortiz

Partial screen capture of Santiago Ortiz' interactive graphic, personal Knowledge database
(image: Santiago Ortiz)

One day in the life of a Librarian | Janie Hermann

One day in the life of a Librarian, personal graph by
(infographic: Janie Hermann)

Self-Portrait | Minjeong An

Self-Portrait, personal infographic by Stephanie Mari
(infographic: Minjeong An)

Everywhere I’ve Been | Aaron Parecki

Everywhere I’ve Been, personal infographic by Aaron Parecki
(infographic: Aaron Parecki)

Watch Y*ur Mouth | Derek Munn

Watch Your Mouth, personal graph by Derek Munn
(infographic: Derek Munn)

Mochilão | Thiago Lyra

(infografia: Thiago Lyra)

Newborn’s feeding and diaper activity | Jimmie

Emotion | xkcd

Emotion, personal graph by xkcd
(image: xkcd)

Eye contact | Minjae Park

Eye contact
(infográfico: Minjae Park)

Sleeping Chaos | Elisa Wong

Sleeping Chaos, personal graph by Elisa Wong
(infographic: Elisa Wong)

Timeline | Colleen Griffiths

(infographic: Colleen Griffiths)

The Pattern of my Life | Jane Manchester

The Pattern of my Life, personal graph by Jane Manchester
(infographic: Jane Manchester)

Lifelines | Joe Nagle

Lifelines, personal graph by Joe Nagle
(infographic: Joe Nagle)

This Is My Life | Michelle Delaney

This Is My Life, personal graph by Michelle Delaney
(infographic: Michelle Delaney )

You’d say I’m a geek | Francesca Oddenino

You'd say I'm a geek, personal graph by
(infographic: Francesca Oddenino)

Curiosity | Cristina Vasquez

Curiosity, personal graph by Cristina Vasquez
(infographic: Cristina Vasquez)

My Emotional Spectrum | Rebecca Liebert

My Emotional Spectrum, personal graph by
(infographic: Rebecca Liebert )

My character traits | Noel Chian

My character traits, personal graph by   Noel Chian
(infographic: Noel Chian)

Nowhere to Go But Up, I suppose | Erica Lai

Nowhere to Go But Up, personal graph by Erica Lai
(infographic: Erica Lai)

Eurotrip ’12 | KFKS

Eurotrip '12, personal graph by KFKS
(infographic: KFKS )

Summer Life | Chris Chappelle

Summer Life , personal infographic by  Chris Chappelle
(infographic: Chris Chappelle)

29 days in Hawaii | Sarah Colobong

29 days in Hawaii, personal infographic by Sarah Colobong
(infographic: Sarah Colobong )

An Online Social Life in Charts and Graphs | Stephanie Mari

An Online Social Life in Charts and Graphs, personal infographic by Stephanie Mari
(infographic: Stephanie Mari)

My Muse | Zeina Baaklini

My Muse, personal infographic by Zeina Baaklini
(infographic: Zeina Baaklini)

In the Mood for Food | Shane Xian

In the Mood for Food, personal infographic by Stephanie Mari
(infographic: Shane Xian)

A day in the life of… | Marquis Love

A day in the life of, personal infographic by Stephanie Mari
(infographic: Marquis Love)

Happiness | Shelby Bittinger

Happiness, personal infographic by Stephanie Mari
(infographic: Stephanie Mari)

Procrastination | Rob Paella

Procrastination, personal infographic by Stephanie Mari
(infographic: Rob Paella)

When You’re Talking | Andrew Williams

What I'm Thinking About When You're Talking, personal infographic by Andrew Williams
(infographic: Andrew Williams)

Summer Snooze | Jade Stones

Summer Snooze, personal infographic by Jade Stones
(infographic: Jade Stones)

56 days worth of food | Carolina Andreoli

56 days worth of food, personal graph by Carolina Andreoli
(infographic: Carolina Andreoli)


This is just a sample of what we’ve collected over the years on Tumblr. Join us there for a non-stop stream of infographics, now with more than 28.000 posts, and feel free to submit your work there as well!

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.