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Portfolio of the Week - Cecília Andrade

When the fascination with infographics dictates the career

October 14, 2012

We continue in Brazilian lands, bringing today the Portfolio of Cecília Andrade, a designer from the Northeast state of Ceará. The colorful style present in many of her designs doesn’t disguise the multiplicity of Cecília’s talent, showing a wide range of techniques and skills.

With a degree in Architecture from the Universidade Federal do Ceará (Ceará’s main Univesity), a design course in the Centro de Design do Ceará and having worked as an intern in advertising agencies and in the University’s Museum, Cecília soon had to face a choice between following a career in the agency business or embrace a passion  for infographics she nurtured since a very young age.

Her career started in the newsroom of O Povo newspaper, where she was part of the team that won the Esso Award in 2008. Since then, she’s been working as a freelancer, having her works published in important publications like the newspaper Folha de S. Paulo, and Mundo Estranho, Aventuras na História and Saúde! magazines.

Here is a sample of Cecílias work:

What your body characteristics say about your health | Revista Saúde!

(infographic: Eder Redder, Cecília Andrade; text: Theo Ruprecht | Revista Saúde!)

What body odors reveal about health | Revista Saúde!

(infographic: Eder Redder, Cecília Andrade; text: Theo Ruprecht;  André Biernath | Revista Saúde!)

The 200 thousand babies who were not born | Folha de São Paulo

(infographic: Alex Oliveira, Cecília Andrade; text: Anna Virginia Balloussier | Folha de São Paulo)

Take care of your Intestine | Revista Saúde!

(infographic: Darlene Cossetino, Cecília Andrade; text: Paula Desgualdo | Revista Saúde!)

The role of livestock in the expansion of the territory | Editora Moderna

(infographic: Daniela Máximo, Cecília Andrade | Editora Moderna)

What are the positive effects of a good sleep? | Revista Saúde!

(infographic: Glenda Capceville, Eder Redder, Cecília Andrade; text: Lia Scheffer | Revista Saúde!)

The noise of the fart | Revista Mundo Estranho

(infographic: Diego Sanches, Cecília Andrade; text: Yuri Vasconcelos | Revista Mundo Estranho)

The secret of the abyss | Revista Aventuras na História

(infographic: Michele Quaresma, Cecília Andrade; text: Fábio Marton | Revista Aventuras na História)

Chinese Dragon series | O Povo

(infographic: Andréa Araújo, Gil Dicelli, Amaurício Cortez, Luciana Pimenta, Cecília Andrade | Jornal O Povo)

How do instant cameras work? | Revista Mundo Estranho

(infographic: Diego Sanches, Cecília Andrade; text: Giselle Hirata | Revista Mundo Estranho)

You can see more of Cecília’s work on her blog, and we’ll be back soon with another Portfolio of the Week.

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.