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An open invitation to all data viz students, practitioners and developers out there

November 28, 2014

Here at Visualoop we try to offer as much room as possible for designers, students and academics to show-off their projects and stories behind impressive infographics and visualizations published online and in the pages of some of the top newspapers and magazines out there.

Soon, we’ll be reaching the 100th of these guest posts, and we thought this would be a good opportunity to remind all our readers that you too can pitch us your original guest post. If you want to share your experiences, projects, tips and stories, or if you attended an event and want to share your impressions, all you have to do is send us an email to [email protected]. We’ll then give you all the details on how to move from there.

Meanwhile, we leave you with 10 examples of those guest posts that we feel that illustrate the range of topics we’d like to feature more.

They Know, by Christian Gross

The “They Know” project website presents a fictional mass surveillance software, based on the information Edward Snowden leaked in 2013. This fictional software was designed to inform and raise awareness for this topic. Christian Gross shared the making of this project with us.

(image: “They Know” – infographic poster, by Christian Gross)

Ebola in Spain, visualized

One of the contributions by our friend Saúl Castillo, the person behind (inconsolata) blog. Here, Saúl shows us the story of the nurse Teresa Moreno’s Ebola infection as told in infographics by the Spanish media. Lots of great infographics here.

(image: ABC)
(image: La Vanguardia)

3D World Cup Dataviz Ball, by Times of Oman

Also from an newsroom, this amazing data viz + paper mock-up that we’ve highlighted here on Visualoop a bunch of times. Produced by the Times of Oman infographics department, led by Antonio Farach, this work was arguably the most impressive visualization about the 2014 World Cup. Learn all about this project here.

This is the prototype which was assembled by Muthita Torteeka and Amornsri Anutrakulchai, same that was used in the supplement’s cover.
The cover was designed by Ali Jani, photo by Cio Datan, hands by Amornsri Anutrakulchai | Times of Oman
With the inner ball, this how it looks the entire project.

Climate change: twenty years of discussions, by Martina Elisa Cecchi

This is a guest post by Martina Elisa Cechi, about the visualization project “Climate change: twenty years of discussions”, carried out during the EMAPS data sprint (Electronic Maps to Assist Public Science), in Paris. Martina is a young communication designer based in Milan, who has just attained her master degree in Communication Design at Politecnico di Milano, developing a thesis about data visualization within the DensityDesign Research Lab.

The main part of the map is constituted by the flows: the thickness and ranking of them represent the role and importance of the single nations in the discussion about the controversial theme of climate change.
Cover of Wired Italia (March 2014, n.60) and the maps displayed in Piazza Cairoli in Milan within the exhibition “Beautiful information”.

Seven days of carsharing, by Density Design

Another one from the ‘forges’ of Density Design Research Lab, in the Design Department of the Politecnico di Milano. The Lab – one of the most respected in the world of data visualization, led by our friend Paolo Ciucarelli – focuses on the visual representation of complex social, organizational and urban phenomena. Their research aim is to exploit the potential of information visualization and information design and provide innovative and engaging visual artifacts to enable researchers and scholars to build solid arguments. This post is about the the Seven days of carsharing visualization project.

(image: Density Design)
(image: Density Design)

Mood Maps, by Erin Hedrington

A beautiful ‘quantified self’ watercolor experiment by Erin Hedrington, tracking mood variations over time. Erin is a recent School of the Art Institute of Chicago graduate, working and living in Chicago. She loves typography, illustration, and experimenting with new methods.

(image: Watercolor chart showing four months of moods | Erin Hedrington)

Breaking News Infographics: a Case Study

One of the first designers from Italy featured here on Visualoop, Marco Giannini talks in this post about the challenges of creating Breaking News Infographics. We’ve also showed you more works from Marco here and here.

Breaking News Infographics genova1

Breaking News Infographics genova3

Breaking News Infographics genova4

The Four Books of Visualising Sustainability

This is a guest post by Elena Turtas, about the work developed last year as her final thesis project in the BA Communication Design Program at DADU, University of Sassari in Alghero, titled “The Four Books of Visualising Sustainability”. Another impressive use of paper as the interactivity driver – something we’ve talked about here as well.

(image: The Four Books of Visualising Sustainability | Elena Turtas)
(image: The Four Books of Visualising Sustainability | Elena Turtas)

My Hard Drive, by YoungSun Park

And another project by a student, this one by Sun Park for the School of Visual Arts, Fall 2014. “Through this project, I have discovered my love and passion for visual data and its interaction with design – See more at:”, she said to us in this article. Oh, and did we mention that it was developed under the supervision of a certain John Grimwade?

(image: detail of My Hard Drive, by YoungSun Park)
(image: YoungSun Park)

The Iranian Internet, by Maral Pourkazemi

Back in 2013, Maral Pourkazemi shared with our audience the story behind her master thesis “the Iranian internet between freedom and isolation”. Maral – who was recently involved in the organization of Visualized.IO conference in London – also talked about another one of her works here.

(image: Maral Pourkazemi)
(image: Maral Pourkazemi)


Now, it’s your turn. Send your data viz stories, projects and tips, and join our growing community of guest contributors!

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.