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Juan Colombato

We welcome the first featured portfolio from Argentina!

December 16, 2012

It’s a pleasure to bring you today the portfolio of visual journalist Juan Colombato, currently the Head of Infographics and Designer at the La Voz del Interior newspaper, based in Córdoba, Argentina.

Juan studied Graphic Design in Córdoba at the Aguas de La Cañada institute, and Art at the National University. He also made several courses of drawing and information design.
He was designer and illustrator in regional newspapers. He worked in different local publications.

Today, besides his work at La Voz del Interior, he teaches infographics at the Journalism University. In addition, he collaborates with infographics for many clients from Buenos Aires and Spain.

Juan participated in the editorial project “Artificium, nuevos escenarios en la comunicación y el diseño editorial”, about the infographic function in newspapers. He gives conferences for many institutes of design from Córdoba and Buenos Aires.

In 2008 he opened the chair of Infographic in Graphic Design career at Aguas de La Cañada institute. Since 2009 he teaches a seminar-workshop on “Computer Graphics and Precision Journalism” in the College of Journalism of Córdoba (CUP).

His work has been recognized by the Society of Newspaper Design several times since 2001, in the areas of design, infographics and illustration. In 2005 he won the first place Adepa Award, in the editorial illustration category, followed by a Adepa, Infographic category, the year after. In 2008, he received two awards Malofiej, organized by the University of Navarra (Pamplona, Spain) and the Spanish chapter of the SND. It was the first time than a designer of Córdoba won.

In 2009,  more awards:  Adepa 2009, SND 31 and Malofiej18, and in 2010, a silver medal in Malofiej19. Until that year, individually, he has four national and twenty international awards in the best of newspaper design.

And it’s time to look at some of those works:

Titanic Shipwreck | La Voz del Interior

(infographic: Juan Colombato)

Córdoba’s wonders: man-made monuments | La Voz del Interior

(infographic: Juan Colombato)

Córdoba’s wonders: Nature | La Voz del Interior

(infographic: Juan Colombato)

Argentina’s Bicentenary | La Voz del Interior

(infographic: Juan Colombato)

Trip to the Moon | La Voz del Interior

(infographic: Juan Colombato)

Rooster fight | La Voz del Interior

(infographic: Juan Colombato)

The death of Marilyn Monroe | La Voz del Interior

(infographic: Juan Colombato)

America Cup Stadium in Cordoba | La Voz del Interior

(infographic: Juan Colombato)

History and statistics of the Nobel Prize | La Voz del Interior

(infographic: Juan Colombato)

H1N1 Flu | La Voz del Interior

(infographic: Juan Colombato)


You can keep up with Juan’s work following his blog, Zaveka Infographic, and we’ll be back with the last Portfolio of 2012 next week, so keep watching this space!

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.