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13 Infographic Portfolios from Europe

A selection of some of the portfolios featured every week

January 24, 2013

Since the first week of Visual Loop we’ve been featuring the works of infographic designers from all over the world. Our Portfolio of The Week section has quickly became one of the favorites of our readers, and it has been great to see the feedback from the designers as well.

As the number of Portfolios increases, it’s natural that some of you may not have seen all of the works, so we decided to bring them up again, but dividing by continent. We’ll start with Europe.


Nigel Hawtin (UK)

“After gaining a degree in scientific, medical and botanical illustration over 30 years ago I have worked for many newspapers, magazines and book publishers including The Sunday Times, The Observer, Oxford and Cambridge University Press, Harvard University and Time magazine, producing both scientific illustration as well as information graphics”, told us Nigel. The work produced during his career achieved international recognition in 2009, when he was awarded a Malofiej bronze medal for a feature portfolio.

Companion planting | New Scientist

(infographic: Nigel Hawtin | New Scientist)

Flu | New Scientist

(infographic: Nigel Hawtin | New Scientist)

LHC | New Scientist

(infographic: Nigel Hawtin | New Scientist)

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Gaia Russo (Italy)

With an academic background in Theoretic Linguistics and Glottology, Linguistics (Università degli Studi di Roma ‘La Sapienza’), Gaia worked between 2008 and 2010 for La Repubblica, one of the most respected newspapers in the World when it comes to print infographics.

Also, as a freelancer infographic designer, Gaia worked for Il Manifesto (an italian newspaper), the Affari Esteri Department, the Central Restoration Institute, Russia Today, QN, Centimetri srl, among others. She was the founder of Legomena, a company based in Rome active in the field of press and editorial services.

Breastfeeding | La Republlica

(infographic: Gaia Russo| La Republlica)

Living in Italy | La Republlica

(infographic: Gaia Russo| La Republlica)

Euroregions | La Republlica

(infographic: Gaia Russo| La Republlica)

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Boris Benko (Croatia)

Boris graduated in 2001 from the Faculty of Graphic Arts, became a member of ULUPUH (Croatian Association of Artists of Applied Arts), and immediately started working for some of the leading Croatian publications, including Forbes Croatia and the leading daily newspaper Jutarnji list.

Continuously expanding on his work, he soon caught the attention of major international players, such as IBM, Mashable and The Huffington Post, making his way in to these prestigious publications, both in printed and online editions.

Pamplona Bull Run

(infographic: Boris Benko)

Amelia Earhart

(infographic: Boris Benko)

C Suite Power Team

(infographic: Boris Benko | IBM)

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Ciaran Hughes (UK)

Ciaran has, at some point, worked for most of the major newspapers in the UK – The Observer, Financial Times, Guardian, Telegraph and The Independent – as well as many design companies and magazines. He was asked to help start up Reuters News Graphics, working alongside Peter Sullivan and where he went on to win SND awards.

He is now in charge of online graphics for Channel 4 News in London. His work has appeared in many exhibitions and design annuals (the most recent, last month, IdN Extra 07: Infographics-Designing Data) and he has won awards in print and online throughout the last 25 years – you can find the complete list here.

Olympic Facts

(infographic: Ciaran Hughes | British Airways Inflight Magazine)

Sun | Wine

(infographic: Ciaran Hughes | British Airways Inflight Magazine)

Rise in Apprenticeships | Budget

(infographic: Ciaran Hughes | Daily Telegraph )

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Marco Giannini (Italy)

While graduating from Università degli Studi di Roma ‘La Sapienza’, and getting his PhD in Italian Literature and Linguistic, Marco worked for almost 4 years at the popular weekly magazine Avvenimenti  as a graphic and infographic designer. In 2000, he was hired by La Repubblica, one of the top daily Italian newspapers, and has been creating infographics there for the past 12 years. He’s also the owner of Infografica Animata, a creative studio specialized in static, animated and interactive graphics, with several international clients.

Health Care Reform

(infographic: Marco Giannini | Infografica Animata)

Grimswot vulcan in Iceland

(infographic: Marco Giannini | La Repubblica)

Wool industry

(infographic: Marco Giannini | La Repubblica)

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Carlos Gámez Kindelán (Spain)

Carlos has recently launched ‘Visual20‘ in, third largest Spanish news site in number of users, and the third Spanish-language digital media worldwide. He studied Advertising and Design, and began publishing his work  in Spanish newspapers Marca and Diario de Sevilla, and also in magazines like Technology Review, Scientific American, Science&Vie and Reader’s Digest, among others.

He worked as the Graphics Editor at  5Wgraphics , a well known infographic agency,  and was responsible for computer graphics in ELPAÍ and Throughout his career, Carlos won awards for his infographics in SND (Society for News Design), Digital SND, ONA, Malofiej and ÑH,  and has been a judge, speaker and teacher for prestigious organizations and media companies in Spain and Latin America. In 2009, founded his own visual communications agency, ‘Factoría multimedia‘.

Enlace fijo Europa-África (Europe-Africa underwater train)

Europe-Africa underwater connection, an interactive graphic by Carlos Gámez Kindelán
(infographic: Carlos Gámez Kindelán | EL PAIS)

Economía musical (Musical Economy)

Musical Economy, an interactive graphic by Carlos Gámez Kindelán
(infographic: Carlos Gámez Kindelán | La Informacion)

Cronología de las misiones de los transbordadores de la NASA (Space Shuttle missions)

Space Shuttle missions
(infographic: Carlos Gámez Kindelán | La Informacion)

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Mário Malhão (Portugal)

Mário has been working at the Diário Económico newspaper for most part of his career. He began in 2000 as a trainee, but in 2003, him and a few colleagues went to a workshop with Pablo María Ramírez Bañares and Mercedes Suíls, both well-known references in the editorial and infographic fields.

In 2007, his infographic about the Natural Gas Market won a Malofiej bronze medal, but Mário’s perspective on the whole ‘awards thing’ is crystal clear: “the most important thing is the daily recognition I receive from my colleagues and the growing importance of the infographic department inside the newspaper”.

Volvo Ocean Race

(infografia: Mário Malhão | Diário Económico)

Ronaldo vs Messi

(infografia: Mário Malhão | Diário Económico)

Euro 2012

(infografia: Mário Malhão | Diário Económico)

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Konstantinos Antonopoulos (Greece)

A journalist for 20 years, having worked in print, television, radio, internet and tablet publishing, Konstantinos is always trying to find out how things worked. “Beyond printed words or speech, I was intrigued by the technical aspect of news: learning to edit images and video, design, put things in motion or leap to the third dimension – everything I had to do to transmit the information to the reader in a clear, presentable, understandable way.”

Soccer players who have died on the field

(infographic: Konstantinos Antonopoulos; data: Panayotis Aroniadis | Exedra)

Real Madrid – Barcelona facts before the spanish “clasico”

(infographic: Konstantinos Antonopoulos; data: Alejandro Lozano | Exedra)

The sports calendar of 2011

(infographic: Konstantinos Antonopoulos | Exedra)

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András Dancsák (Hungary)

András has held positions in several major national publications and currently works for Hungary’s premier daily newspaper, Népszabadság. He develops both interactive online and offline graphics and specializes in 3D modeling infographics and architectural renderings. He has already won bronze medal in several of the Malofiej International infographic design competitions, for example with the infographic “The Reconstruction of the Margaret Bridge“.

Space Station | Népszabadság

(graphic: András Dancsák, text: Zoltán Ötvös | Népszabadság)

Mosquito | Népszabadság

(Graphic/text: András Dancsák | Népszabadság)

Secrets of the Banjo | Freak

(graphic/text: András Dancsák | Freak)

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Robin Richards (UK)

Originally from St Helena Island in the South Atlantic Ocean , Robin first worked for a Bristol company and then as Information Design Director for JESS3, before moving on to start his own studio – RIPETUNGI, focused on infographics, data visualisation and UX.

He has produced infographics for Facebook, Google, Samsung, Nike, Amnesty International, and Billboard Magazine along with data visualisation projects for Foursquare, Twitter, Samsung and Intel.  And he enjoys talking about infographics and the possibilities of mixing data into UX in future digital experiences.

Cash Money

(Infographic: Robin Richards | Billboard Magazine)

Microsoft Acquisitions and Intvestments

(Infographic: Robin Richards |

Amnesty International

(Robin Richards (done as JESS3 IDD) | )

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Adolfo Arranz (Spain)

After working as a freelancer for a couple of years, in 1994 he started at the regional issue of El Mundo, where he made his first contact with infographic design. “I had never made an infographic before, so I really learned it inside El Mundo newspaper, that was my school, and for that I’ll always be grateful to all my workmates”, said Adolfo.

“I worked for El Mundo Valladolid, El Mundo Castilla y León and El Mundo Galicia. In 1998, I joined El Mundo Baleares edition at Mallorca, always working with a lot of charts, a lot of breaking news. Those were very busy times, but it was great. And after 4 years, I changed to work as freelancer for almost all editions of El Mundo. At this point, I had more time to developed works and concentrate in my illustration-infographic style.”

In 2011, another huge change. “I’m now a senior infographic designer and illustrator at Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post, and been living in this awesome city since 2011. My focus here are big infographics jobs, back pages with themes that don’t usually need additional information”.

Pedal power | South China Morning Post

(infographic: Adolfo Arranz | South China Morning Post)

A question of taste | South China Morning Post

(infographic: Adolfo Arranz | South China Morning Post)

Ancient Olympics | South China Morning Post

(infographic: Adolfo Arranz | South China Morning Post)

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Tiffany Farrant-Gonzalez (UK)

After graduating 3 years ago from the University of Leeds with a first class degree in New Media and a minor in Japanese, she was hired straightaway as a designer for a start-up based in Bristol, UK where she fell into the role of an information designer quite accidentally. It was a job she never knew existed, but with her passion for both design and numbers (she’s a bit of a maths and science nerd) it suited her perfectly. She then went on to research, analyse data and design for literally hundreds of infographics covering a wide range of topics for a number of online and print publications.

Since then she has freelanced for a number of organisations including Fast Company and Column Five and is now currently the information design director at JESS3, where her day job consists of turning reams of data into beautiful visual stories and data visualisations for a wide variety of clients including Google, American Express, Microsoft and Samsung.

Search for the Nominee | Google Politics

(Infographic: Tiffany Farrant-Gonzalez as Information Design Director at JESS3 | For Google Politics)

Geosocial Universe | JESS3 Labs

(Infographic: Concept by Tiffany Farrant-Gonzalez as Information Design Director at JESS3 | Design by JESS3 | For JESS3 Labs)

Who is Occupy Wall St.? | Fast Company

(Infographic: Tiffany Farrant-Gonzalez as Information Design Director at JESS3 | For Fast Company)

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Carlos Monteiro (Portugal)

Carlos is part of the team responsible for the success of  ‘i’, a Portuguese newspaper that was elected the most well designed in 2010 by the SND. He works as an infographic editor there since 2009, having won several Malofiej awards during his career.

He has a degree in Visual Design from the Instituto de Artes Visuais, Design e Marketing (IADE) in Lisbon. It was at the 24horas newspaper that his career started, exactly one month before the 09/11 attacks. According to Carlos, the experience of being inside a newsroom when that event took place was essential to fully understand the importance of infographics. Even if not contributing directly a lot, due to his inexperience, the lesson he took from that time guides him until today: Information design is one of the hardest and at the same time, gratifying works in the news industry.

Football: a graphic guide | jornal ‘i’

(infographic: Carlos Monteiro | Jornal i)

Deficits | jornal ‘i’

(infographic: Carlos Monteiro | Jornal i)

Terminator | jornal ‘i’

(infographic: Carlos Monteiro | Jornal i)

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We’ll keep featuring infographic portfolios every week. If you are an information designer and care to see your work featured here, just send us an email to tiago[at]visualoop[dot]com or reach out through Twitter or Facebook.

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.