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Potashova Masha

This time, a long trip to Moscow for our first portfolio from Russia

November 25, 2012

Another first for our Portfolio of the Week section! Today will be showing the works of Masha Potashova , a web and photo editor based in Moscow, making this our first portfolio from Russia!

Also, being someone who just recently entered the infographic creation domain, we thought it would be interesting to remind all our readers that we don’t feature only the most well known and experienced information designers. We are equally interested in presenting young talents from all over the world.

(image: Potashova Masha)

Here’s what Masha told us:

I was born and educated in Moscow (2001-2007, Moscow State University of Printing Arts, Editor & publisher, Certified specialist) and since 2003 work for the popular Russian political media, Echo of Moscow (Internet Development Department). During the past 8 years I’ve been interested in design and web-design, photography and webdesign. I have managed one re-design and take a part in 3 re-designs of the EM Internet project.

In 2011 I was offered to work with infographics for educational project Diletant (“The Amateur”). As I have no design education or background  it was a really flattering offer. My subjects are historical events, battles, mainly. I’m going to study design in a near future and I’m learning German now to pursue my studies in Germany.

And some of the works she sent us:

Battle of Actium |

(infographic: Potashova Masha (Ptashka) |

Battle of Bosworth |

(infographic: Potashova Masha (Ptashka) |

Battle of Cannae |

(infographic: Potashova Masha (Ptashka) |

Battle of Gettysburg |

(infographic: Potashova Masha (Ptashka) |

The Krupps |

(infographic: Potashova Masha (Ptashka) |

Battle of Lesnaya |

(infographic: Potashova Masha (Ptashka) |

Battle of Poitiers |

(infographic: Potashova Masha (Ptashka) |

Battle of Salamis |

(infographic: Potashova Masha (Ptashka) |

Battle of Trafalgar |

(infographic: Potashova Masha (Ptashka) |

Battle of Verdun |

(infographic: Potashova Masha (Ptashka) |



You can follow Masha’s updates on Behance, and we’ll see you next week for another Portfolio of the Week.

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.