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The work of Norberto Baruch

A pleasure to present one of the great names of infographic design in Latin America,

February 2, 2015

For those readers that follow our weekly round ups dedicated to infographics printed in newspapers and magazines, many of the works featured here today will certainly be familiar. That’s because it’s rare to have a week go by without featuring one of El Tiempo Argentino‘s visual masterpieces, by Norberto Baruch.

Norbi Baruch studied to become a journalist, but ended up making infographics. Before his current job at the new daily Tiempo Argentino, he has worked in Clarín, Página/12, La Razón, La Nación and Crítica de la Argentina. Before getting into the print industry, he was art director at the advertising agency McCann-Erickson, with clients like Coca-Cola and Chevrolet.

Sharing all this experiences and know-how made Norbi a perfect fit for teaching. He has taught at many universities in Argentina and Latin America (University of Palermo, Austral and Morón (Argentina), University of the Andes and Catholic (Chile), at the University of Medellín (Colombia), at the University of Ort (Uruguay) and the Southern Scientific University (Peru), among others.

Norberto has given workshops about infographics in several Latin newspapers (El Comercio, Perú 21, Gestión, La República, and La Industria, from Perú; and El Mundo, Líder y Últimas Noticias, from Venezuela. In Argentina has given workshops in El Sol y Los Andes, de Mendoza, and Río Negro, de Río Negro.); has also organized several events in Latin America, like Peru Visual, on the iPad, Peru; First Conference on Information Design at the University of the Andes, Chile.

He is the creator of the Conference on Information Design, carried out since 2004 at the University of Palermo, Argentina. He has also given many lectures and seminars (Perú Infográfico, Universidad Científica del Sur, in Lima, Perú; Jornais Diários, graphical project at Século 21, in la Associação Nacional de Jornais (ANJ), in São Paulo, Brazil; Asociación Nacional de la Prensa (ANP), in Santiago, Chile; and Seminario sobre Diseño de la Información, in Caracas, Venezuela, among others).

In terms of recognition, multiple awards at the SND events, and he was already named jury in Malofiej. He has attended the World Summit of Press Design (Cumbre Mundial de Diseño en Prensa), Estepona, Spain, as the sole representative of the Argentine newspapers during the years 2005, 2006 and 2007.

Among all those activities, Norberto still manages time to run one of the most popular blogs about infographic design and visual journalism in Spanish, called Visualmente, a reference in Latin America for 9 years now, and one of the inspirations for the work we ‘ve been doing.

And here are the works Norberto sent us:

ARSAT-1 | El Tiempo Argentino

(image: Tiempo Argentino)

Batman | El Tiempo Argentino

(image: Tiempo Argentino)

Bugs Bunny | El Tiempo Argentino

(image: Tiempo Argentino)

Corto Maltes | El Tiempo Argentino

(image: Tiempo Argentino)

Googleopoly | La Critica

(image: La Critica)

Bender | El Tiempo Argentino

(image: El Tiempo Argentino)

Mafalda | El Tiempo Argentino

(image: Tiempo Argentino)

The world of Mario | El Tiempo Argentino

(image: Tiempo Argentino)

Pink Panther | El Tiempo Argentino

(image: Tiempo Argentino)

Popeye | El Tiempo Argentino

(image: Tiempo Argentino)


Don’t forget to visit Visualmente for more of Norberto’s work and much more content about visual journalism.

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.