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Bodynomics, by Roann Louw

See, Grasp, Know: Making health statistics more appealing

November 8, 2012

This a guest post by Roann Louw*, talking about his visualization project Bodynomics.


Whenever I start with a new infographic or information visualization, I try to think about things we encounter every day and approach them in a new way. For this project I thought about health, more specifically health statistics.

I didn’t just want to focus on ‘hardcore illnesses’ so I threw in some fun stats as well. I strongly believe that if you mix fun and serious facts together, the viewer will remember more of what they read.

For my final year at the University of Stellenbosch, I did all my work under the campaign PLAT. Plat in map terminology means to make divisions between things visible. And that is what I wanted to achieve with my final year projects.

Bodynomics is one of different visualizations I have done. To make health statistics more appealing, I asked a dancer to create numbers for me with his body. Using his body I created the statistics and added a bit of typography. These posters were then printed on A2 sized paper and hanged in a public space to see how the people interacted with it.

Accompanying these posters were postcards with different statistics on them for the viewers to take home. My slogan for PLAT is See, Grasp, Know. And I wanted them to see the poster, grasp what they are seeing by means of postcard and then leave with more knowledge than they had before.

(image: Roann Louw | Bodynomics)
(image: Roann Louw | Bodynomics)
(image: Roann Louw | Bodynomics)
(The photos used to represent the numbers; Roann Louw | Bodynomics)
(One of the postcards made; image: Roann Louw | Bodynomics)


*After finishing high school in Bellville, Cape Town, Roann Louw applied at the University of Stellenbosch. Initially he wanted to study accounting, but went with his passion for design and creativity and studied BA in Visual Communication (Graphic Design). Even though everything is becoming digital he loves working with paper as a material and focuses mainly on editorial design. You can find him on Béhance.

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.