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Vintage Infodesign [4]

Examples of information design from previous centuries

January 28, 2013

Today’s selection of vintage infographics, maps and charts includes an example of the work of Francis Amasa Walker, who was recently featured on Fast Company Design. He was the superintendent of the 9th U.S. Census, back in 1870, and one of the true pioneers on the use of maps for statistical purposes.

The article was written by Susan Schulten, author of Mapping the Nation – one of the new blogs of 2012 we mentioned here -, and its definitively worth checking.

Here’s this week’s round up :

Map of predominating sex (1872) | Francis Amasa Walker

Vintage InfographicMap of predominating sex (1872)
(image:Francis Amasa Walker ,1872)

(Via Mapping the Nation)

Aviation in Perspective (1917) | S. W. Clatworthy

Vintage Infographic Aviation in Perspective (1917)
(image:S. W. Clatworthy,1917 )

(Via Prafulla)

United States and Great Britain in the World (1946) | P. Sargant Florence and Lella Secor Florence

Vintage Infographic United States and Great Britain in the World (1946)
(image:P. Sargant Florence and Lella Secor Florence,1946 )

(Via Brainpickings)

Rise of agricultural production, 1956-1960 (1982)

Vintage Infographic Rise of agricultural production
(image:Rise of agricultural production,1956-1960 )

(Via Ripetungi)

Mobile Pill-Box Fortress Mounts Two Six-Inch Guns (1940) | Popular Science

Vintage Infographic Mobile Pill-Box Fortress Mounts Two Six-Inch Guns (1940)
(image: Popular Science,1940)

(Via Modern Mechanix)

Magellanica (1616) | Petrus Bertius

Vintage Infographic Magellanica (1616)
(image:Petrus Bertius,1616 )

(Via Strange Maps)

The Moon’s Phases (c. 1840s) | Charles F Blunt

Vintage Infographic The Moon's Phases (c. 1840s)
(image:Charles F Blunt,c. 1840s )

(Via BibliOdissey)

Space Patrol (1851) | Frank Tinsley

Vintage Infographic Space Patrol (1851)
(image:Frank Tinsley, 1851 )


(Via James Vaughan on Flickr)

The House of Lords (1848) | The Guardian

Vintage Infographic 1948 Lords
(image:The Guardian, 1848)

(Via The Guardian Data Blog)


Last week’s featured works:


Wound Man (c. 1400s) | Claudius (Pseudo) Galen

(image:Wellcome Library,c. 1400s )

(Via Wellcome Library)

Pantograph (c. 1800s)

(image:The Canadian Centre for Architecture,c. 1800s )

(Via The Canadian Centre for Architecture)

Internal Ear (1908)

(image:Sue Clark’s,1908 )

(Via Sue Clark’s Flickr)

Magical Calendar (1582)

(image: peacay, 1582 )

(Via peacay on Flickr)

Statistical Atlas of the United States (1900)

(image:Prof. Michael Stoll,1900 )

(Via Prof. Michael Stoll on Flickr)

How to Know Your Guided Missiles (1950)

(image:Popular Science,1950 )

(Via Modern Mechanix)

Early Apollo Concept (1962) | Fortune Magazine

(image:James Vaughan,1962 )

(Via James Vaughan on Flickr)

Night-Club Map of Harlem (1932)

(image:Strange Maps,1932 )

(Via Strange Maps)

Geomancy Almanac (1552)

(image: BibliOdissey,1552 )

(Via BibliOdissey)

The book reader of the future (1935) | Everyday Science and Mechanics

(image:Paleofuture,1935 )

(Via Paleofuture)


We’ll be back next Monday with another selection of vintage charts, maps and charts.

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.