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This is Visual Journalism [2]

A look at some of the SND34 awards winners

February 14, 2013

For this second issue of the new weekly compilation of infographics in the editorial world, we have to feature, of course, some of the works awarded with the Society of News Design annual prizes. The SND34 official list with all the winners will be released soon, but many of the winning entries are already well-known. You can read about them on the SND’s website.

Here’s our  selection:


James Bond 50 years | Gulf News

(image:Gulf News )


A question of tastes | South China Morning Post

(image:South China Morning Post )



Olympics special coverage | El Correo

(image:El Correo )


U.S. elections special coverage | The Washington Post

(image:The Washington Post )



Avenue | National Post

(image:National Post )


U.S. elections special coverage | Las Vegas Sun

(image:Las Vegas Sun )



A lunar lookback | Gulf News

(image:A lunar lookback )



The 50 things to drink and eat this year| The Plain Dealer

(image:The Plain Dealer )



A Human deluge| Los Angeles Times

(image:Los Angeles Times )



Like we said before, these are nothing but a sample of the works presented and awarded by the Society of News Design. As soon as the official list is released, will be sure to mention it here on Visual Loop.

And now, here are last week’s featured works:


Super Bowl XLVII | Julio Lara, San Mateo Daily Journal

(image:Julio Lara )


Super Bowl 2013 | Alexis Robles , Periódico Quequi Quintana Roo

(image:Alexis Robles )


Super Hungry | Brady James Jones, Omaha World-Herald

(image:Brady James Jones )


Super Bowl | Miguel Ulloa, La Razón

(image:Miguel Ulloa )


Snowmobile crash at the Cermis skiing facility | Marco Giannini, La Repubblica

(image:Marco Giannini )


Can the Neanderthal Man be revived? | Francisco Javier Torres, Juan Velasco, ABC

(image: Francisco Javier Torres, Juan Velasco )


Tintín | Freddy Higa, Correo Semanal

(image:Freddy Higa )


Roman Coliseum | Billy Melgar Guzman, Prensa Libre

(image: Billy Melgar Guzman )


How LED works | Santosh Kushwaha, Gadget & Gizmos

(image:Santosh Kushwaha)


The Road to Low Carbon Infrastructure | Paul Weston, New Civil Engineer magazine

(image:Paul Weston )


Forest Fires | Esdras Jaimes, Dia a Dia

(image:Esdras Jaimes )


Education in Portugal | Mário Malhão, Diário Económico

(image:Mário Malhão )



Scholarship Distribution | Carol Cavaleiro, Estado de S. Paulo

(image:Carol Cavaleiro )


Born in the Sea | Letícia Raposo,Sergio Bergocce, Alex Silva, Revista Saúde

(image:Letícia Raposo,Sergio Bergocce, Alex Silva )



That’s it for this edition of This is Visual Journalism. Like we said last week,  if you want to submit your work to this section, just reach out through Twitter or Facebook. And stay tuned for next week’s selection.

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.