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Mohit Lakhmani

Moving out from newsrooms to bring you another India-based designer

March 3, 2013

Although this Portfolio of the Week section features mostly infographic designers with a journalistic background, occasionally we try to present the works of other professionals that have been creating some form of information design around the World. Today’s portfolio comes from India, and belongs to Mohit Lakhmani – someone who we’ve mentioned here before, on our showcase of inspiring infographic resumees.

(Featured portfolio: Mohit Lakhmani)

Mohit, currently working with JWT as Senior Art Director, combines his passion for art and working on new ideas, like the 3D paper calendar we showed you back in December, and he was kind enough to send us a brief description of his professional background.

I have been in the art and media field for more than 4 years now. Besides working with JWT as Senior Art Director, I’m doing many freelance infographic projects  for companies like Mylooks, 18 camels, InsilicoDB, Himalmag,, vivid Learning,, and many more.

I am certified by Cambridge International Examination for 3d Animation and VFX and successfully completed online course by on Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Effective Meetings and Time Management.

I started my career in the CG industry and gained experience with international studio, GEON, Sahara India Pariwar, Mumbai. While my time in GEON I worked on various Hollywood projects. Then I joined Powermation Academy as a CG trainer and got promoted within 4 months to Business Development Manager Level.

After spending some successful years in Mumbai, I decided to move to New Delhi and got an opportunity to work at Picasso Animation College as an Examination Manager and Educational Speaker.

My hobbies and skills got me involved in art direction and quite a few arts and design ventures for which I got my interview published on websites such as FORBES,,, & . My work was featured on various Art & Design portals.

As a CG trainer I have trained more than 500 graduates and post graduate students and helped building their creative & technical skill set along with making their personality grow into a professional.

I got selected for the National round of Red Bull Paper Wing Competition 2012. I also choreographed a fashion show for Picasso animation college fest.

And let’s take a look at some of works sent by Mohit:

Assassination attempt | Malala

(infographic: Mohit Lakhmani | Malala)

Dropout Rates Cohort | Malala

(infographic: Mohit Lakhmani | Malala)

Assassination attempt | Malala

(infographic: Mohit Lakhmani | Malala)

3D Resume | Mohit Lakhmani

(infographic: Mohit Lakhmani)

Sequencing facilities | Insilico DB

(infographic: Mohit Lakhmani | Insilico DB)

Tecnobit English Audit | 18 camels

(infographic: Mohit Lakhmani | 18 camels)

Workplace Safety | Vivid Learning

( infographic: Mohit Lakhmani | Vivid Learning)

Boost | MyLooks

(infographic: Mohit Lakhmani | MyLooks)

Profile | MyLooks

(infographic: Mohit Lakhmani | MyLooks)

Sequencing facilities | MyLooks

(infographic: Mohit Lakhmani | MyLooks)


Visit Mohit’s Behance page and his profile for more about his work, and we’ll be back next Sunday with another Portfolio of the Week.

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.