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This is Visual Journalism [3]

Space, Sports, and Science: check out the infographics of the week

February 21, 2013

An interesting selection for this week’s This is Visual Journalism, featuring infographic works from half dozen different countries. This time, the attention went to the meteorite fragment that hit Russia’s Chelyabinsk region on February 15, but we tried to bring you a wide range of topics, from economy to science and sports.

As we’ve mentioned in previous occasions, you can send us your suggestions to include in this section, just send an email or let us know on  Twitter or Facebook.

Here’s our selection:

When Asteroids attack | Madhava B. Kulkarni

(image:Madhava B. Kulkarni )


Aurora Detection | Nigel Hawtin | New Scientist

(image:Nigel Hawtin | New Scientist )


Asteroid falling | Mariano Zafra | El Pais

(image:Mariano Zafra | El Pais )


The beginning of the African Nations qualifiers | Mohamad Ibrahim

(image:Mohamad Ibrahim )


Grammy 2013 | J. Ángel Muñoz J.

J. Ángel Muñoz J.


Jordan 50 | Carlos Padrón

Carlos Padrón


Unemployment in Portugal | Mário Malhão | Diário Económico

Mário Malhão | Diário Económico



Julio Verne | Ivan Ciro P. Huamani

(image:Ivan Ciro P. Huamani )



Solar energy and its usage in the city | Marco Giannini

(image:Marco Giannini )


Lupus | Celso Juarez

(image:Celso Juarez )


History of motion picture camera | Bi Yoo

(image: Bi Yoo )


How to drawn a person | Ricardo Davino, Sattu | SuperInteressante

(image:Ricardo Davino, Sattu | SuperInteressante )


The first car | Thiago Lyra, André Toma | Mundo Estranho

(image:Thiago Lyra, André Toma | Mundo Estranho )



Last week, we featured some of the winning infographics from the 34th edition of SND’s annual “Best of News Design” creative competition:


James Bond 50 years | Gulf News

(image:Gulf News )


A question of tastes | South China Morning Post

(image:South China Morning Post )



Olympics special coverage | El Correo

(image:El Correo )


U.S. elections special coverage | The Washington Post

(image:The Washington Post )



Avenue | National Post

(image:National Post )


U.S. elections special coverage | Las Vegas Sun

(image:Las Vegas Sun )



A lunar lookback | Gulf News

(image:A lunar lookback )



The 50 things to drink and eat this year| The Plain Dealer

(image:The Plain Dealer )



A Human deluge| Los Angeles Times

(image:Los Angeles Times )



That’s it for this edition of This is Visual Journalism. We’ll be back next week with more infographic inspiration!

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.