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Passion X Satisfaction, by Maral Pourkazemi

A personal infographic to self-analyse job satisfaction

February 26, 2013

[This is a guest post by Maral Pourkazemi*, bringing us the details behind the Passion X Satisfaction infographic project]


There was a time when I was not feeling super positive about the projects I worked on and I wanted to figure out why I was feeling like that, because I’m an intrinsically positive person.Mapped emotion. I measured and mapped my passion and satisfaction for projects over a six-month period. An emotion is information, so you can interpret emotions
the same way you work with data.

How did I do this? I designed four parameters and reflected them on the jobs that I was working on over the six-month period. The four parameters were “Time Invested”, “Skill Set”, “Involvement” and “Quality”. Each parameter was divided into 3 intensity/quality levels. Those were “High Level”, “Mid Level” and “Low Level”. I figured that these points are the most important ones for me in order to reach the highest passion and satisfaction.

So if I reached a “High Level” on each parameter for one project, this project would not only be a satisfying but also a passionate project.

From there I could see that with less time invested the quality of my work was also decreasing. In order to give myself the full picture of my issue I also added my job duties. What I saw here was that most of the time I was working on projects that I had the least interest and passion for. The points of my job duty that would be the most appealing for me weren’t reached within the projects of the past six months.

I used this infographic as a talking point in a performance review meeting with my managers. We talked about why I was feeling this way. Together we worked out a way to strategize and prioritize  so that there would be more time to spend on the important things and so that I could reach both satisfaction and passion in my work.

(image: Maral Pourkazemi)
(image: Maral Pourkazemi)
(image: Maral Pourkazemi)
(image: Maral Pourkazemi)
(image: Maral Pourkazemi)



*Maral Pourkazemi graduated from the Muthesius University of Fine Arts in Kiel/ Germany (2006-2009), beginning after that a six-month internship at an advertising agency in Hamburg. Currently she works at London-based non-profit Small Media Lab as their Creative Manager. You can see Maral’ works on Behance.

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.