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Data Viz News [1]

A new weekly space where we take a look at what happened in the data visualization field.

April 6, 2013

One of the several reasons we say data visualization is a field on the rise is the amount of news, articles and events that are published on the Internet week after week. Either talking about data journalism, infographics, business analytics (yes, including he ‘Big Data” buzz) or information design, this content is spread out in the web, making it hard to keep up with – even if you’re following Andy Kirk’s Best of the visualisation web, one of the few prime data visualization news/articles round-ups out there.

We decided to try to help out in this task with this new weekly column. Data Viz News is the space where we’ll be taking a look at what happened in the data visualization field, with links to news, blog posts and articles published sometime in the previous week. Please note that we’ll be leaving out visualization projects that are already being featured on other columns, like Interactive Inspiration or This is Visual Journalism.

As always, this is a collaborative space, opened to submissions by our readers. So, if you have any links to suggest, just drop us a line on Twitter or Facebook, or if you prefer, leave a comment below.

Here are the first of many data visualization links to come:


Bringing The Data Journalism Handbook to Brazilian Journalists | Data Driven Journalism

A group of over 30 Brazilian journalists and students, coordinated by Brazil’s leading investigative journalism network, Abraji, with the support of the European Journalism Centre (EJC), are translating The Data Journalism Handbook into Portuguese.

Data visualization startup grabs another $2M to take on ad agencies | Venture Beat

The new round came from previous investors, such as SoftTech VC, 500 Startups, and Giza Venture Capital, as well as strategic investors that include Yammer chief product officer James Patterson and several top executives from the advertising industry that will help the company build out its presence in New York City.

Tableau Files For IPO As Strong Run For Business Software Companies Continues | Forbes

Tableau plans to trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “DATA.” Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley are the lead underwriters for the deal.

Guardian and Faber link up on interactive e-book | The Bookseller

Guardian Books and Faber are co-publishing an interactive e-book, Facts are Sacred, the first time Guardian Books has published using Apple’s iBooks Author software.



Look ma, no story! | Well-Formed Data

The “truth and beauty operator” Moritz Stefaner alerts against the hype around Storytelling in data visualization.

Emotional Data Visualization: Periscopic’s “U.S. Gun Deaths” and the Challenge of Uncertainty | Peachpit Press

The first post by Alberto Cairo of a series of monthly articles about infographics and visualization for Peachpit Press.

Big Data: March Madness Math in the Real World | CNBC

A couple of self-described frustrated jocks teamed up more than a decade ago to produce a model for predicting which college basketball teams would make it to the NCAA Tournament.

Steamrolled by Big Data | The New Yorker

New Yorker’s Gary Marcus talks about the rise of Big Data in the last five years, and its impact across all sectors of our society.

Five BI and Analytics Takeaways from Gartner Summit 2013 | Smart Data Collective

Thamina Christensen‘s overview of the three days of BI and analytics at Gartner’s Summit in Grapevine, TX.



What’s The Secret To Great Infographics?| Fast.Co

Kim Rees, co-founder of Periscopic, talks about good data visualization and the company’s history.

Talking with… Manuel Lima | Visual Loop

We released a very interesting interview with the Portuguese Manuel Lima this week, in which he talks about Visual Complexity and the future of data visualization.



40 Amazing Yet Free Visualization Libraries: Charts, Diagrams And Flowcharts | Smashing Mag

Some useful visualization libraries, charts and diagrams so that you can speed up the process of locating certain data through the collected information.

Big Data on The Guardian | The Guardian

A brand new section of the news portal dedicated to all things Big Data related.

Top tools for grabbing data, no coding necessary | Reporter’s Lab

A review of three tools to help journalists deal with information stored in databases, by data journalist David Weisz.


Next week’s Data Viz events

(Want to add your event to our Calendar? Just send us an email!)

Data visualization summit, one of the events happening next week.
Data visualization summit, one of the events happening next week.

Data Visualization Summit (11-12 April)

With 25+ Industry Speakers & 150+ delegates, this event brings together the world’s leaders in the industry. It will happen in San Francisco. More info here.

International Symposium on Online Journalism (19-20 April)

The 14th International Symposium on Online Journalism will be held  in the auditorium at the Blanton Museum of Art on The University of Texas at Austin campus. More details here.

SEE #8 (20 April)

For eight years in a row the see conference has been gathering the most creative people and exciting ideas on the topic of information visualization. It will be held in Schlachthof, Wiesbaden, Germany. Details here.


Like we said before, feel free to let us know if we missed some interesting resource, and don’t forget to join us on our Facebook Group or, where we share many of the links mentioned above.

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.