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April 13, 2013

As we explained last week, Data Viz News is our most recent weekly column, featuring links to important news, interesting articles, interviews and useful resources posted on the Internet in the past few days. You can let us know if we missed anything interesting (of course we did, there’s so much great content being released, it’s just impossible to get it all in one place), by leaving a comment.

We also remind you that we’ll be leaving out visualization projects that are already being featured on other columns, like Interactive Inspiration or This is Visual Journalism.

Here are the data visualization links of the week:



Microsoft launches GeoFlow for Excel, a tool for visualizing time-stamped 3D data built on Bing Maps | The Next Web

Microsoft has released a public preview of GeoFlow, a new 3D visualization tool for Excel which allow users to create, navigate and interact with time-sensitive data applied to a digital map.

Quadrigram: Beyond visualisation as a scientific instrument | Visualising Data

Quadrigram tries to bridge the gap between information technologies and professionals looking to build new types of data experiences, such as storytelling with data.

The NUmbers Game | National Geographic

A new television show, due to start April, 22. In each episode, data scientist Jake Porway tackles one of life’s most daunting topics, revealing the surprising science behind them.

European project aims to bring Google-scale web analytics to all | Information Age

LEADS is a distributed platform for sophisticated web analytics that small businesses and non-experts could use as a service.

Google Turns to Big Data to Unmask Human Traffickers | Business Week

Human trafficking is one of the most lucrative of all criminal enterprises, and Google believes Big Data can turn the tables on these crime gangs.




Digital mapping at Stanford reveals social networks of 18th-century travelers | Stanford University

A look at the network mapping work by Giovanna Ceserani, uncovering how international travel fostered cultural and academic trends in the 18th century, using data collected from the ‘Dictionary of British and Irish Travelers to Italy, 1701-1800.’

The Science of What We Do (and Don’t) Know About Data Visualization | Harvard Business Review

Robert Kosara‘s new article takes a look at the evolution of the knowledge behind the effectiveness of data visualization.

Data Visualization: Effective Illustrating or Redundant Rendering? | Mindjet

Written buy Arwen Petty, this article points out some of the best practices for creating a useful data visualization.

Effective Data Visualization Techniques, from Business to Social Advocacy | Greenplum

Two different examples of the use of data visualization, analysed by Paul M. Davis. On one hand, Periscopic‘s animation of the years lost to gun deaths in the U.S., and on the other side, Procter & Gamble’s analytics platform that helps the company’s executives in the decision-making process.

How does a country get to open data? What Taiwan can teach us about the evolution of access | Nieman Journalism Lab

Trying to understand the recent history of open data in the U.S, Jonathan Stray looks at the situation in Taiwan, the country with the highest Reporters Without Borders’ press freedom index in Asia.

Why Italy Is the Land of Opportunity for Data Journalism | Data Driven Journalism

Guido Romeo, Wired’s Science and Environment Editor in Italy, talks about the state of data journalism in the country, as well as the opportunities that lie ahead in this field.

Data For All! How New Tools Democratize Visualization | Harvard Business Review

The author of “Taming The Big Data Tidal Wave“, Bill Franks, shows why many organizations may not be getting the full benefit of their big data and visualization investments.

Free as in painstaking cartography labor | Andy Woodruff

One of the most well-known cartographers on the Internet shares his opinion on the apparently growing devaluation of cartography skills by organizations in general.

What is Sentiment Analysis? | DMG Federal

An overview of this branch of Business Analytics, witten by Keith Boyer. Big Data, the rise of Social Networks and the measurement of qualitative results in digital marketing campaigns are some of the topics of this article.

What Do Marketers Want From Big Data? | eMarketer

Based on a Q1 2013 survey from CMO Council and SAS, this post includes some interesting insights about the expectations around Big data from marketers worldwide.

Behind the scenes: Dow 30 tax burden | Post Graphics

Washignton Post’s graphics editor Darla Cameron shows how the interactive slopegraph about the Dow 30 tax burden was created.

How Participants of the Visualisingdata Census are Connected on Twitter | Ramiro Gómez

Taking the results of the survey launched by Andy Kirk a couple of weeks ago, Ramiro Gómez created a visualization of how the paticipants are connected on Twitter. You can explore it here.


Interview with Simon Scarr | Visualising Data
Andy Kirk resumes his series of interviews, this time with a nice chat with the former graphics director at The South China Morning Post and soon to be Deputy Head of Graphics for Thomson Reuters, in Singapore.

How to Build a Business-Minded Data Visualization Strategy | Information management

Justin Kern interviews Andy Rusnak, Americas region leader of Ernst & Young’s Enterprise Intelligence practice (pdf), which covers BI, analytics, performance management and all related integration and presentation layers.


Data Visualization Best Practices 2013 | Jen Underwood


Visualize large data sets with the bigvis package | Revolution Analytics Blog

A new open-source bigviz package launched by RStudio’s chief scientist Hadley Wickham, currently available on GitHub. It uses aggregation and smoothing techniques on big data sets before plotting.

The transition to digital journalism | UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism

In this article, Paul Grabowicz looks at the use of Databases, Data Visualizations and Map Mashups in journalism, showcasing some examples and referencing useful tools and resources to help you get started.

15 Free Wireframing Tools for Visualizing Ideas | Graphic Mania

A compilation of tools (free and payed) for mind mapping and visualizing ideas quickly.

Next week’s Data Viz events

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Partial screen capture of the See 8 website
(SEE #8 Conference)

SEE #8 (20 April)

For eight years in a row the see conference has been gathering the most creative people and exciting ideas on the topic of information visualization. It will be held in Schlachthof, Wiesbaden, Germany. Details here.

International Symposium on Online Journalism (19-20 April)

The 14th International Symposium on Online Journalism will be held  in the auditorium at the Blanton Museum of Art on The University of Texas at Austin campus. More details here.

That’s it for this second edition of Data Viz News, and don’t forget to join us on our Facebook Group or, where we share many of the links mentioned above.

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.

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    Hi Tiago, Creately would be another great data visualization tool to visualize different types of data. Which includes numeric (charts), infographics and UML diagrams as well. There are some good examples in the diagram community as well.