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Vintage Infodesign [15]

A look back in the history of data visualization

April 15, 2013

Recently we dedicated one of our regular posts on Inspired magazine – a great source for visual inspiration – to this topic of vintage information design. We picked some of the many examples featured here on Visual Loop so far, and once again we saw how popular these visualizations are today. Check out the full post here, with 35 maps, charts, graphics and diagrams.

Here are our picks for this week:


Synopsis Universae Philologiae (1741) | Gottfried Hensel

(image: Gottfried Hensel, 1741 )

(Via Wikimedia)

Germay Surrounded (1933) | Illustrite Zeitung

(image: Illustrite Zeitung, 1933)

(Via Ptak Science Books)

Facial Muscles and Skull (c. 1812) | Jean Galbert Salvage

(image: Jean Galbert Salvage, c.1812)

(Via curiousprints on Etsy)

Asia Secunda Pars Terrae in Forma Pegasi (1581) | Heinrich Bunting

(image: Heinrich Bunting)

(Via Rare Maps)

Love location in the Brain (1875) | Orson Squire Fowler

(image: Orson Squire Fowler, 1875)

(Via Pete Veilleux on Flickr)

Phases and appearances of the Moon (1660) | Andreas Cellarius

(image: Andreas Cellarius, 1660)

(Via University of Utrecht)

Map of Port and River Tonnage (c.1850) | Charles Joseph Minard

(image: Charles Joseph Minard, 1850)

(Via Cartographia)

Geological map of the U.S. (1870) | Francis A. Walker

(image: Francis A. Walker, 1870)

(Via Radical Cartography)

Geological and Palaeontological Map of the British Islands (c.1854) |Edward Forbes, Alexander Keith Johnston

(image: Edward Forbes, Alexander Keith Johnston, 1854)

(Via Scientific Illustration)

Geography of Tropical Plants (1805) | Friedrich von Humboldt

(image: Friedrich von Humboldt, 1805)

(Via The Oregon Trail)


And in case you missed last week’s featured works:


Where you want a pointer? (1896) | Norther Pacific

Vintage Infographic Where you want a pointer  (1896)
(image: Norther Pacific)

(Via Captain Geoffrey Spaulding on Flickr, via Kelly Barak

London: a functional analysis (1943) | Arthur Ling and D.K. Johnson

Vintage Infographic London  a functional analysis (1943)
(image: Arthur Ling and D.K. Johnson)

(Via Cuptopia)

South Bend Bass-Oreno Color Chart (1925) | South Bend

Vintage Infographic South Bend Bass-Oreno Color Chart (1925)
(image: South Bend)

(Via Old Antique Fishing Lures, Tackle and Value)

Good roads everywhere (1925) | John C. Mulford

Vintage Infographic Good roads everywhere (1925)
(image: John C. Mulford)

(Via History NYC)

Fencing (1924)

Vintage Infographic Fencing (1924)
(image: sushipotvintage)

(Via sushipotvintage on Etsy)

Map of the village of Brooklyn (1816) | Jeremiah Lott

Vintage Infographic Map of the village of Brooklyn (1816)
(image: Jeremiah Lott)

(Via Brooklyn History)

Chart of the Rhine, Elbe, and Order Rivers (1838) | Justus Perthes

Vintage Infographic Chart of the Rhine, Elbe, and Order Rivers (1838)
(image: Justus Perthes)

(Via Wikimedia)

Britain’s latest Fire engines (1940) | L. Ashwell Wood

Vintage Infographic Britain's latest Fire engines (1940)
(image: L. Ashwell Wood)

(Via Bear Alley Books)

Map of Persia (1573) | Abraham Ortelius

Vintage Infographic Map of Persia (1573)
(image:Abraham Ortelius)

(Via Berg Book)

Cross-sections of Boston sewers (1885) | Eliot C. Clarke

Vintage Infographic Cross-sections of Boston sewers (1885)
(image:Eliot C. Clarke)

(Via Sewer History)

How to tie knots (c1950s) | Dupont

Vintage Infographic How to tie knots (c1950s)
(image: Dupont)

(Via Noble County Gold)

Composite Europe (1787) | Thomas Kitchin

Vintage Infographic Composite Europe (1787)
(image: Thomas Kitchin)

(Via Wikimedia)


We’ll be back next Monday with more Vintage Infodesign. Until then, have a great week!

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.