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Data Viz News [3]

The best fresh links to resources, news and articles about data visualization

April 20, 2013

Our weekly round-up of data visualization-related news, articles and resources keeps growing, and a lot of that is thanks to the precious contributions of great folks on Twitter like Alberto Cairo (@albertocairo), Moritz Stefaner (@moritz_stefaner), Lynn Chery (@arnicas) and Andy Kirk (@visualisingdata), just to name a few of those must-follow accounts, if you’re interested in data visualization and visual journalism.

Also, if you’re interesting in seeing some of the best infographics of the week, check out the latest editions of This is Visual Journalism and Interactive Inspiration.

Here are this week’s recommended links:



Latest product launches and business announcements, career moves, data visualization competitions and general news.


After 15 years at The Guardian, Simon Rogers announced that he will be taking a new challenge, as Twitter’s first Data Editor. Here’s the tweet Simon published, announcing the move:


An open, distributed network of comprehensive online resources that draws on the nation’s living heritage from libraries, universities, archives, and museums in order to educate, inform, and empower everyone in the current and future generations. And it’s available, as of this week, here.

Partial screen capture of the interactive graphic, Digital Public Library
(image: Digital Public Library of America)

The first-ever GSWS Infographic Competition is a challenge to represent spa and wellness through the unique format of the infographic. Entries will be accepted through August 31, 2013. See the rules here.

Partial screen capture of the Global Spa and Wellness Summit website
(image: Global Spa and Wellness Summit)

The five finalists for the cover of the 34rd edition of the SND awards book. You can vote on which one is the best here.

Recently, Microsoft announced the preview availability of project codename “GeoFlow” for Excel 2013. GeoFlow is an awesome addition to Excel 2013 that lets you plot geographic and temporal data visually, analyze that data in 3D, and create interactive “tours” to share with others. Here’s the public video preview:

The civic hacking group OpenOakland unveiled a new budget visualization Web site called Open Budget Oakland, which enables visitors to visualize total department expenditures, the details of spending within each department, and their sources of funding.



A selection of recent articles published by experts in data visualization, cartography, business analytics and visual journalism, among other topics.

Interesting article by Brian McClendon, Vice President for Engineering at Google, reflecting on how digital mapping technology is impacting  the world’s most remote and undeveloped regions.

Abbott Katz, London-based Excel instructor and freelance writer, talks about data integrity issues in spreadsheets and databases, and shares some tips on how to avoid data redundancies and discrepancies.

A reprint of an article written by Nicole Laskowski, Senior News Writer for SearchCIO, summarizing a talk by Namit Raisurana and Andy Kriebel  at the Gartner BI Summit.

An overview and initial results of a geoweb analysis designed to provide the foundation for a continued discussion of the potential impacts of ‘big data’ for the practice of critical human geography.

With so much data available for free everywhere, and so many open tools, Vincent Granville talks about the emergence of a new kind of analytic practitioner, the amateur data scientist.

A selection of examples of services and apps that present data in an optimized way for mobile devices. You can send your suggestions for other services that fit the profile to be included soon in this list.

“We quibble endlessly and tiresomely because Big Data’s benefits live mostly in the imagination. There are just too many versions of the truth.” A quote from the article written by Ted Cuzzillo about Big Data definitions.

Jim Stikeleather‘s recipe for a successful data visualization, focusing on three aspects that designers most often overlook.

Steve Floyd leaves some tips on how well placed data visualization tools can engage readers, improve linkability, and make your content stand out in a sea of generic text.

One of those ‘eternal questions’ inside the business analytics world, summarized in this article by Data Mining Research Engineer Sandro Saitta.



Insights from well-known names in the data visualization field, published during last week.

Fresh new episode of the top data visualization podcast, this time with the participatrio of Kim Rees (Periscopic) and Jake Porway, founder of Data Kind.

Visual journalist and blogger Juantxo Cruz interviews Santiago Ortiz (in Spanish), with whom we’ve had the pleasure of talking with too here.

Another interview in Spanish, this time with Chiqui Esteban, currently working at the Boston Globe. Chiqui (who we’ve also interviewed a couple of months ago) talks about what was like to cover the recent tragedy in Boston.

Earlier his week, we published a fantastic conversation with one of the minds behind Density Design, Paolo Ciuccarelli.

(Quote from Paolo Ciuccarelli's interview)
(Quote from Paolo Ciuccarelli’s interview)



Ranging from tutorials and presentations, to lists of tools and practical guidelines for creating effective data visualizations.


An excellent compilation of blog posts, presentations, research papers and several other resources, curated by Zach Gemignani.

The monthly recap of articles, resources and data visualization news that Andy Kirk has been presenting since 2010. A lot of great reads in this last one!

An interesting article and presentation, part of the Introduction to Data Visualization workshop hosted by Data & GIS Services in Perkins Library at Duke University.

Slides from Morit’z master course on information visualization at HfK Bremen. Check out also the other resources and featured projects on the blog post.

The use of SunBurst tree visualizations as a complement to the traditional approach.

A selection of links to some of the most important open source tools for big data.

Ian Lurie‘s presentation about the challenges of creating meaningful data visualizations.

A collection of some very useful HTML and HTML5 tutorials from around the Web, dedicated for those starting in the field.

Visual Data is a column on La Lettura, the cultural supplement on the sunday edition of Corriere Della Sera, one of Italy’s top newspapers. The agency behind it, Accurat, just launched their Flickr page in English.

A guest post by Jurian Baas of Silk, showing how to create simple visuals with this tool.


Next week’s Data Viz events

An updated view at the Events Calendar we have available here on Visual Loop.

A look at our data visualization events calendar
A look at our data visualization events calendar

(Want to add your event to our Calendar? Just send us an email!)

Data designers, data scientists, data technologists and others invested in data will come together for this global festival of 200+ meetups in 18+ cities around the world. Details here.

(Biga Data Week, one of the highlights of the upcoming week)
(Biga Data Week, one of the highlights of the upcoming week)

A team of about 20 expert panelists and instructors will meet in Perugia, Italy, for the 2nd edition of Europe’s biggest data journalism event. Visit the event’s website for more info.

Nicola Hughes teaches how to use the Python programming language for data scrapping and other tasks. It will happen at the Hogeschool Utrecht, in The Nederlands. More here.

The ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems is an international conference on human-computer interaction, to be held in Paris this year.

Besides these events, don’t forget to follow the SEE 8 Conference updates either on Twitter (#see8) or through the Livestream.


That’s it for another Data Viz News. Like we said before, feel free to let us know if we missed some interesting resource, and don’t forget to join us on our Facebook Group or, where we share many of the links mentioned above.

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.