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The work of J. Ángel Muñoz

A trip to Mexico for another impressive infographic portfolio

April 14, 2013

And here we are with a brand new portfolio to feature, this time from Mexico – another first time! We’re glad to present you J. Ángel Muñoz, an experienced visual journalist and editorial designer, currently working at the Excélsior, one of the top Mexican newspapers.

Before moving to the Excélsior, J. Ángel worked in several magazines (Cinescopio, Mexico Cinema, Salud Cronica, Escala and the electronic magazine for the National Lottery) and newspapers (A.M., Esto, Provincia and Récord). He started back in 1999, and since then has achieved honorific awards from the Society for News Design, as well as Pluma de Plata, a national award that he won because of Caminos de Michoacan, a tourist guide outlet.

Today, as part of his responsibilities and abilities, he’s focused more on designing special themes, redesigns and supplements, especially for relevant events such as 9-11, the death of Juan Pablo II, World Cup, Olympic games, the death of Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor, and many more.

Here are the works sent to us by J. Angél:


Mexico, 200 years | Excélsior

(infographic: J. Ángel Muñoz | Excélsior)

Abbey | Excélsior

(infographic: J. Ángel Muñoz | Excélsior)

Bulls | Provincia

(infographic: J. Ángel Muñoz | Provincia)

Harry Potter | Excélsior

(infographic: J. Ángel Muñoz | Excélsior)

Iron Man | Excélsior

(infographic: J. Ángel Muñoz | Excélsior)

John Lennon | Excélsior

(infographic: J. Ángel Muñoz | Excélsior)

Live | Excélsior

(infographic: J. Ángel Muñoz | Excélsior)

Oscar 2013 | Excélsior

(infographic: J. Ángel Muñoz | Excélsior)

Paul McCartney | Excélsior

(infographic: J. Ángel Muñoz | Excélsior)

World conquest | Excélsior

(infographic: J. Ángel Muñoz | Excélsior)



If you want to follow the work of J. Angél, the best place to do it is at We’ll be back next Sunday with another portfolio of the week.

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.