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One Second in Time

A hand-made infographic looking at shocking facts that happen in one second

April 30, 2013

[This is a guest post by Nikki-Louise Evans*, talking about her infographic project, One Second in Time]


One Second in Time, infographic by Nikki- Louise Evans
(One Second in TimeOne Second in Time – Close up | Nikki- Louise Evans)


This infographic I created was in response to a live brief designed by The worshipful company of clockmakers. A rolling competition yearly encouraging students and designers to submit unique work to promote the clockmakers company and awards.

The initial brief was released to students and entirely there own imagination to be used involving time as the main subject matter.

I decided to look in to world wide factors regarding time and was influenced by current worries and concerns that were amplified through out the media at the time.

Looking in to world wide figures such as disease, poverty, deprivation of energy, pollution, global warming, water consumption, births, deaths, abortions etc. I gained a total of 28 unique shocking topics.

I then used this information and came across the idea of creating a hand made infographic, that initially looked stunning but once you looked over the beauty the facts were quite ugly. Hitting the topics and the information home.

The facts were shocking enough when looking at them on a yearly scale but to divide the facts into a second were even more disturbing, realizing that roughly one person dies to every two babies born..per second, that works out 1.8 people die all over the world.. that is deaths that are recorded!.

This is where I stumbled across the idea of taking a moment in time.Knowing that time is the most valuable thing that we use the worst.

(Final Infograph structure made from dress pins and cotton | Nikki- Louise Evans)
(One Second in Time | Nikki- Louise Evans)

I wanted to use a media that would decay, unravel and break through time to convey a continuing message. For this infographic I worked to a scale of 2A0 (1682x1189mm) and using cotton thread, each color referencing to the key created along side the image. This item consuming media was held together by pins and had to be crafted with great care and attention as one fault and the infographic would have be created again.

(Final infographic with key | Nikki- Louise Evans)



*Nikki-Louise Evans is a full time 1st Year student, studying BA HONS Graphic Design at Staffordshire University, United Kingdom. You can follow her on Twitter @grafnixdesign, Facebook (grafnix) and Behance.

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.