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Science and Tech graphics - April 2013

Series of posts showing the best of infographics in science and technology

June 4, 2013

This is the second edition of a choice of infographics in Science and Technology, this time focused on works published in May. Themes related to the environment – especially biodiversity – and space exploration were particularly relevant during last month, with a reasonable number of works for both online and print medias.

Here’s the list of featured visualizations and infographics:


Swarmageddon: America’s periodical cicadas [Source]



Ocean scene: before and after overfishing [Source]

(image: The Guardian)


Climate Commons [Source]

Captura de ecrã - 2013-06-01, 09.35.34


Humboldt Penguin [Source]


Boys more at risk? [Source]


Cloning Stem Cells: How to Grow Spare Parts  [Source]



The mechanics of Eclipses of the Sun [Source]



 Kepler Space Telescope explained [Source]



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Written by Susana Pereira

Susana Simões Pereira, maths teacher and PhD in science teaching and communication. I enjoy games and photography and I'm passionate for science and art, specially when together in the same context. You can follow my updates on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.