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Portfolio of the Week - Kay Coenen

From the Netherlands, another great infographic design showcase

August 31, 2015

As we resume our normal posting schedule, it’s time to bring you this week’s featured designer here on Visualoop: Kay Coenen (37) is an infographic designer based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and his works spans from corporate clients to some of the country’s magazines and newspapers.

(photo: Kay Coenen)

He begun working with information graphics almost 10 years ago, and has since establish himself in the market with his company Infographicmedia. He also gives guest lectures about the subject on Art Academies or Universities in the Netherlands.

“What I like about producing infographics is that every question of a client is a new challenge. I love to dive into the subjects and learn new things every day.”

“For every new project I choose one of my illustration styles that fits the client identity the best. Sometimes 3D is a good solution, but 2D or hand drawn illustrations are also possibilities. This challenges make my work so interesting! Every day is a new challenge!”

In his spare time, Kay likes to work on his Comics stories (watch some on with robots, rockets and other futuristic subjects.

And here are the works he shared with us:

Holland Klasse | Havenbedrijf Rotterdan

(image: Havenbedrijf Rotterdan)

Inside the Brain of a Murderer | Elesvier magazine

(image: Elesvier magazine)

Capturing CO2 | Nuon

(image: Nuon)

Blue train Bentley | KD

(image: KD)

Ocean energy | Nuon

(image: Nuon)

International Finances | Rabobank

(image: Rabobank)

Young people seeking work | Kay Coenen

(image: Kay Coenen)

Sustainable buildings timeline | Bouwfonds Nederland

(image: Bouwfonds Nederland)

Office of the future | Ricoh/NRC

(image: Ricoh/NRC)

Sustainable Heat transport in the Rotterdam Harbor | Havenbedrijf Rotterdan

(image: Havenbedrijf Rotterdan)

International Finances 2014 | Rabobank

(image: Rabobank)

Generation free | Elesvier magazine

(image: Elesvier magazine)

Singer building | Pencil Works

(image: Kay Coenen | Pencil Works)

Panama Comic | Kay Coenen

Panama Comic, by Kay Coenen
(image: Kay Coenen)


Don’t forget to check out Kay’s website, and connect with him on Behance, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.