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Print infographic design showcase from over a dozen countries

October 1, 2015

Featuring works from countries such as France, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Mexico, Canada – just to name a few -, this selection of infographics published in newspapers and magazines is, once more, as inspirational as it can get.

The refugee crisis in Europe continues to be one of the subjects with the most media coverage, but you’ll also find here many other topics included, covering the latest news in sports, politics, technology and local issues.

So, let’s move on with it, kicking-off with some of the latest additions to our gallery:

Migrants’ road to Europe | Matteo Riva | Panorama


Mexico, 30 years after the earthquake | Estefan Cuanalo, Alan Martínez, Adolfo Flores, Ximena Ampudi | Xinhua News Agency


Messi suffers injury that will leave him two months out | Victor Nieto, Daniel Martínez, Alfredo Peralta | La Razón de México


Mexican classic, 8 coaches for one victory | Diana Estefanía Rubio, Sergio Ramírez | VisualSports


The 296 victims of 75 massacres | Oscar Corvera | Noroeste


Happiness on a small scale | Francisco Solorio | La Tercera


VW lies about pollution controls | Daniel Martínez, Alfredo Peralta | La Razón de México


Looking to recover their power | Miguel Ulloa Maciel | VisualSports


Battle of Újpest-Ferencváros | András Dancsák, Norbert Tősér | Nemzeti Sport


And now, the remaining graphics of today’s round up:

Hungary, entry door to Europe | Véronique Malecot, Delphine Papin | Le Monde

(image: Le Monde)


Get out on your bike | Wiebke Ahrlich, Anna Böer | Die Zeit

(image: Die Zeit)


Mario Bros 30 years | Noroeste

(image: Noroeste)


Nefertiti | Angel Ruiz | 451efe magazine

(image: 451efe magazine)


Maximum power | Dye Goo | Autoexplora Magazine

(image: Autoexplora Magazine)


China vs the US – a tale of two economies | Dennis Wong | South China Morning Post

(image: South China Morning Post)


The celebration of September 18 | Patricio Lazcano, Francisco Solorio, Alfredo Cáceres | La Tercera

(image: La Tercera)


Portugal 2020 | Marta Carvalho | Diário Económico

(image: Diário Económico)


Saving Canfranc | Josemi Benítez | El Correo

(image: El Correo)


Messi’s injury | La Voz del Interior

(image: La Voz del Interior)


The El Niño phenomena | Walter Cortez | La Industria

(image: La Industria)


Lecumberri, more than a century of history | Rodolfo Gómez García | La Razón

(image: La Razón)


How the Syrian migrant crisis is playing out across Europe | Jonathon Rivait | National Post

(image: National Post)


Dinosaurs | Romualdo Faura | El País Semanal

(image: El País Semanal)



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Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.