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This is Visual Journalism [128]

Editoral and infographic design from newsrooms across the globe

October 15, 2015

We’ve split today’s edition of “This is Visual Journalism” in two blocks, each one with inspiring examples of infographic design. Opening the post, some of the latest additions to our gallery – already with more than 2.000 infographics -, by designers and visual journalists from all over the world.

Following that, a selection of pieces that caught our attention in other websites, blogs, galleries and social media channels. Most of the major events covered by international media are present in this second part of yet another huge round up of the best infographics printed recently.

Lets start with the latest from our gallery:

The aesthetic legacy of the twentieth century | La Razón de Mexico


Twins, how are they formed? | Saúde magazine


Cardiovascular diseases | Público


Translating worlds | Corriere della Sera – La Lettura


Noah’s Ark, solution against disasters | La Razón de México


Results of 2015 Elections in Portugal | Diário Económico


Armaggedon tactics | Quo magazine


10 years after Hurricane Katrina | La Tercera


Ebola | Saúde magazine


And now, the second part of this week’s infographics:

Attack on the cradle of civilization | Óscar Ayerra, Alexia López | La Voz de Galicia

(image: La Voz de Galicia)


Syrian conflict | Adolfo Arranz | Today

(image: Today)


Cartography of souvenirs | Jaime Serra | Courrier International

(image: Courrier International)


Rise and fall of CO2 emissions | Jan Willem Tulp | Scientific American

(image: Scientific American)


Lowcountry, high flood risk | Chad Dunbar| The Post and Courier

(image: The Post and Courier)


NASA finds water on Mars | J. Maluenda, G. H. | La Razón

(image: La Razón)


What has been lost forever in Palmyra | Adolfo Arranz | Today

(image: Today)


The market place in Italy | Corriere della Sera

(image: Corriere della Sera)


How did I become German | Nora Coenenberg, Jan Schweitzer | Die Zeit

(image: Die Zeit)


War in Syria is concentrate in Damascus | Jules Grandin, Flavie Holzinger, Delphine Papin | Le Monde

(image: Le Monde)


Favorite names in Mexico | Elizabeth Cuevas | Capital México

(image: Capital México)


70 years of United Nations | Francisco Solorio | La Tercera

(image: La Tercera)


Cristiano, all-time winner of the Golden Ball | Fernando Montoya Flores | La Razón de México

(image: La Razón de México)


The Baalshamint temple | La Vanguardia

(image: La Vanguardia)


Buying in and selling out: The Record | Matt Giles | New York Magazine

(image: New York Magazine)


They want to change Mars’ atmosphere | Memo Chávez | El Universal

(image: El Universal)


Alternative Noble Prizes | 1 kilo, Stefan Schmitt | ZEIT Online

(image: ZEIT Online)


Prostate | Jorge Peñaloza | La Reforma

(image: La Reforma)


Mars, what now? | Heglar Fleming | La Tercera

(image: La Tercera)



We’ll return next week with more infographics, but until then you can access our archive with some of the best pieces of visual journalism produced in the past decade.

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.