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Vintage Infodesign [138]

This week's selection of old maps, charts and graphics

November 9, 2015

Those who follow these weekly updates with vintage examples of information design know how maps fill a good portion of our posts. Cartography has been having a crucial role in our lives for centuries and two recent books help understand this influence throughout the ages: The Art of Illustrated Maps by John Roman, and Map: Exploring The World, featuring some of the most influential mapmakers and institutions in history, like Gerardus Mercator, Abraham Ortelius, Phyllis Pearson, Heinrich Berann, Bill Rankin, Ordnance Survey and Google Earth.

Gretchen Peterson reviewed the first one in this article, with a few questions answered by the author. As for the second book recommendation, you can learn more about it in this interview conducted by Mark Byrnes with John Hessler, a cartography expert at the Library of Congress and one of the people behind the book, published in CityLab. Both publications seem quite a treat for map lovers and additions to

Now, here are the picks of the week:

Rubber Fortresses for A-Bomb Defense (1950) | Mechanix Illustrated

(image: Mechanix Illustrated)

(Via Modern Mechanix)

Germany: The End is Near for You (1945) | Kolnischer Kurier

(image: Kolnischer Kurier)

(Via JF Ptak Science Books)

Historical Map of Early Colorado (1935) | State Historical Society of Colorado

(image: State Historical Society of Colorado)

(Via David Rumsey Map Collection)

Exports from Cuba (1949) | Gerardo Canet & Erwin Raisz

(image: Gerardo Canet & Erwin Raisz)

(Via Making Maps)

Universal Air is endless (1945) | American Airlines

(image: American Airlines)

(Via The Visual Primer of Advertising Cliches)

Red china (1955) | Time Inc.

(image: Time Inc)

(Via David Rumsey Map Collection)

Defense of London (1944) | Life magazine

(image: Life magazine)

(Via Air Raid Precautions)

How Many Will Die Flying the Atlantic this Season? (1931) | Modern Mechanix

(image: Modern Mechanix)

(Via Modern Mechanix)

What is Alaska (1958) | Newsweek

(image: Newsweek)

(Via Vintage Disneyland Tickets)

Praefecturae De Paraiba, et Rio Grande (1662) | Gaspar Barleus, Johannes Blaeu

(image: Gaspar Barleus, Johannes Blaeu)

(Via Rare Maps)

Map of the Battle of Gettysburg (1863) | William H. Willcox

(image: William H. Willcox)

(Via World Digital Library)

Vast German war material surrendered to allies (1918) | Punch

(image: Punch)

(Via JF Ptak Science Books)


That’s it for today’s round up! We’ll be back next week with another selection, but until then, enjoy our Pinterest board, just with old maps and infographics.

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.