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Vintage Infodesign [156]

20+ examples of ancient charts, diagrams and maps

April 11, 2016

Opening a new week of data visualization and visual journalism compilations here on Visualoop, a selection of more than 20 maps, diagrams, charts and graphics going back decades and even centuries. Many were published in books, magazines and newspapers, made by hand in ways that look almost impossible even with today’s technology. Read the latest issue of Scott Klein’s Above Chart newsletter for a perfect example of this.

Here are all the picks of the week:

Phenomena of Volcanoes and Earthquakes (1852) | James Reynolds, John Emslie

(image: James Reynolds, John Emslie)

(Via David Rumsey Map Collection)

Diagram showing daily fluctuations in the National League pennant race (1909) | The Chicago Daily Tribune

(image: The Chicago Daily Tribune)

(Via Above Chart newsletter)

Average Dates of Last Killing Frost in Spring (1916) | US Department of Agriculture

(image: US Department of Agriculture)

(Via Slate)

Hebrew alphabet chart (1730)

(image: Hebrew alphabet chart (1730))

(Via Antiques Image Archive)

Map of the Izu Islands (1730)

(image: Map of the Izu Islands (1730))

(Via Wikimedia)

Geographical Map of New France (c1612) | De Champlain of Saintonge

(image: De Champlain of Saintonge)

(Via World Digital Library)

Mount Fuji (1848)

(image: Mount Fuji (1848))

(Via Slate)

Dry Land Submarine Trainer (1950) | Popular Science

(image: Popular Science)

(Via Invisible Theme Park)

Marine life (1854) | Alexander Keith Johnston, Edward Forbes

(image: Alexander Keith Johnston, Edward Forbes)

(Via David Rumsey Map Collection)

Robinson’s aeroplane map of Sydney (1922) | H.E.C. Robinson Pty. Ltd.

(image: H.E.C. Robinson Pty. Ltd.)

(Via Library of Congress)

Map of Edinburgh (1938) | Bowyer

(image: Bowyer)

(Via David Rumsey Map Collection)

Colorado River Aqueduct (1938) | Metropolitan Water District of Southern California History and First Annual Report

(image: Metropolitan Water District of Southern California History and First Annual Report)

(Via Los Angeles Magazine)

Map of the battlefield of Antietam (1862) | William H. Willcox

(image: William H. Willcox)

(Via Library of Congress)

Philips Radio (1935) | Walter Eckhard

(image: Walter Eckhard)

(Via David Rumsey Map Collection)

Twin amphibian cars for monorail (1934) | Popular Science

(image: Popular Science)

(Via Paleo-Future)

Relief map of the world (1909) | A. F. Marks

(image: A. F. Marks)

(Via David Rumsey Map Collection)

Principal Towns fo the World according to population (1913) | Scientific American

(image: Scientific American)


Telephoning the approach of a Zeppelin (1918) | Popular Mechanics

(image: Popular Mechanics)

(Via JF Ptak Science Books)

A General Mapp of the Kingdom of Spaine (1669) | Richard Blome

(image: Richard Blome)

(Via Rare Maps)

Southern slope of Anaga (1953) | J. Regulo, Leoncio Afonso

(image: J. Regulo, Leoncio Afonso)

(Via David Rumsey Map Collection)

Urban Farming (1920) | Popular Science

(image: Popular Science)

(Via Popular Science)

California via Santa Fe (1935) | Santa Fe Railway Co.

(image: Santa Fe Railway Co.)

(Via David Rumsey Map Collection)


That’s it for today’s round up!Don’t forget to check out our Pinterest board, with all the old maps and infographics featured in this weekly column.

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.