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Viz on Video [26]

Keynotes, interviews and motion graphics about data visualization, data science and data art

April 12, 2016

Data science, data art, and motion graphics used for visualization, these are just some of the topics covered in today’s Viz on Video, our weekly round up of long-duration videos tackling the whole spectrum of data visualization-related fields.

As usual, we recommend you to take some time out to enjoy these videos, because you have hours of knowledge sharing and insights ahead:

Learn about some cool jobs held by women in the data field: data scientists, data visualization experts and more. They have varied skills, backgrounds and responsibilities, but they all work with data. Learn about some interesting jobs and the skills needed to succeed in them.

Data artists paint with the data — transforming terabytes of often obscure data into meaningful information. Of course, data artists need flexible, extensible tools that help them understand and visually communicate the living, breathing nature of data Interactive, multidimensional tools that offer real-time visibility into data from all types of data sources can help data artists reach their full potential. Zoomdata’s Director of Product Management, Olivier Meyer, shows why this role is becoming so important across industries, and what these new tools can do to help paint beautiful data across an enterprise.


In his lecture, Axel Springer Fellow Daniel Rosenberg explores the long history of data, stretching back to the seventeenth century, emphasizing its foundations in early modernity. By tracing the historical concept of “data,” Rosenberg examines implications of new data-driven approaches in the humanities, and argues that even our contemporary self-understanding is mediated by data-analytic techniques.


Front End Authority promotes the ongoing education of front end technologies. Part digital, part physical, the organization aims to bring like-minded pros and learners together to share knowledge, make connections, have some beers, and stay up to date on the constantly changing world of Front End Web Development. In this talk, Brandon Wong introduces the group to SVG and D3.js.



This is a fully dynamic and interactive SpatialOS simulation of all the Autonomous Systems (AS) on the internet, using a communication system closely modelled on the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). An AS usually belongs to an ISP such as British Telecom or Comcast, but may also be owned by sites like Netflix or Youtube. Don’t miss the full article here.


To close, one of the latest episodes of Becoming a Data Scientist podcast. Here, Renee M. P. Teate interviews computational biologist, author, data scientist, and Michigan State PhD candidate Sebastian Raschka about how he became a data scientist, and about his book Python Machine Learning.


We hope you enjoyed this selection of videos. Next week, we’ll return with more. And don’t forget to check out the video section of our infographic gallery.

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.