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Vintage Infodesign [157]

A selection of old maps, graphics and visualizations to inspire

August 8, 2016

We’re back with our weekly round ups, after a hiatus of a couple of months, and it’s needless to say that even in this topic – old, pre-1960 maps and other visualizations – there were some important news and developments. For instances, back in April, Stanford University’s Green Library presented the David Rumsey Map Center, a collection of more than 150,000 maps, atlases, globes and other historical treasures donated by the retired San Francisco real estate developer.

Being such a fan of the work Mr. Rumsey has put over the past decades, to make his collection almost public domain, we couldn’t let this one pass, and so, the initial picks of today’s Vintage InfoDesign go to a couple of examples, found among the thousands of maps available at the David Rumsey website.

Here are the picks of the week:

Buddhist Map of the World (1710) | Rokashi

(image: Rokashi)

(Via Smithsonian Magazine)

Map of the continent of the East-Indies (1736) | East India trading company

(image: East India trading company)

(Via Smithsonian Magazine)

Map of the Great Qing Dynasty (c1769) | Qianren Huang

(image: Qianren Huang)

(Via World Digital Library)

North and Central Americas (1951) | Jacques Liozu

(image: Jacques Liozu)

(Via Rare Maps)

Every ship lost by Great Britain in WWII (1945) | The Illustrated London News

(image: The Illustrated London News)

(Via JF Ptak Science Books)

Map of Virginia (1618) | William Strachey, Theodor de Bry

(image: William Strachey, Theodor de Bry)

(Via Wikimedia)

China (Seen from the direction of Guam) (1941) | Richard Edes Harrison

(image: Richard Edes Harrison)

(Via David Rumsey Map Collection)

Election results and Balance of Parties (1895) | The Times

(image: The Times)

(Via Above Chart)

Map of the Atlantic Ocean (1613) | Pierre Devaux

(image: Pierre Devaux)

(Via Wikimedia)

The trials and tribulations of romantic entanglement (1730) | Matthaus Seutter

(image: Matthaus Seutter)

(Via Rare Maps)

Map Showing the Isle of Pleasure (1931) | H. J. “Heinie”Lawrence

(image: H. J. “Heinie”Lawrence)

(Via David Rumsey Map collection)

Uncle Sam builds a Europe-and-back Warplane (1940) | Popular Science Monthly

(image: Popular Science Monthly)

(Via JF Ptak Science Books)

Pictorial Map of Downtown Chicago (1940) | The Glason Map Company

(image: The Glason Map Company)

(Via Rare Maps)


That’s it for today’s round up! We’ll be back next week with another selection, but until then, enjoy our Pinterest board, just with old maps and infographics.

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.