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50 amazing new infographics

In the past couple of months, a lot of great works have been shared by our users. Check out some of the best.

August 17, 2016

Indeed, in the past couple of months we’ve seen a lot of infographics and data visualizations added to our gallery. And just a few weeks ago, we crossed the 3.000 infographic milestone, which is something we’re really proud of, since we’re basically talking about some of the best designers and graphic desks in the world.

So, for this special round up dedicated to visual journalism, we selected no less than 50 amazing infographics, covering all types of events and news – you won’t see much of the Olympics, though, since we’ll dedicate another post just for the works published about Rio 2016.

And before we dive into those works, we just want to thank all of those who have contributed with their projects, and if you’re an infographic designer and feel your work should also be featuring your work on Visualoop, just create your profile and send us a request to be withelisted (don’t forget to send us the link to your portfolio, so our team can evaluate it).

Now, enjoy these 50 outstanding infographics:

Social Progress Index – Freedom and Tolerance | Federica Fragapane | Corriere della Sera – La Lettura


The Internet’s Stateless Ghosts | Valerio Pellegrini | WIRED UK


S’pore’s furry favourites | Adolfo Arranz | TODAY


Oil in the world | Manuel Cabrera | El Telégrafo


Space Mining | Ignacio Sánchez, Diego Bennett | Muy Interesante Argentina


The kiss | Estefan Cuanalo, Diego Alfaro | Xinhua News Agency


HIV’s tricks | Bernardo Borges, André Biernath, Érika Onodera, Robson Quinafélix | Revista Saúde


A century of Pulitzer Prizes in Journalism | Federica Fragapane | Corriere della Sera – La Lettura


Kobe, the end of an era | Elizabeth Cuevas, Juan Carlos Ramírez | VisualSports


Antarctic Science | Rodrigo Valenzuela | La Tercera


The child Jesus’ party | Robinson Choquetaype, Pamela Monzón, María José Baquerizo | La Republica


Japanese littleneck fishing at Estuário do Tejo | Cátia Mendonça | Publico


Massive Sea Lab in South China Sea | Adolfo Arranz | TODAY


The champion that hit in a blinck of an eye | Francisco Lagos, Alfredo Peralta | La Razón de México


Bialowieza Forest | Lech Mazurczyk | Focus magazine


Archaeological Discoveries, 2015 | Giulia De Amicis, TOMMI | Corriere della Sera – La Lettura


Fighters | Ivan Kemp, Nuno Paixão Louro | Sábado


Dawn of the Nanosats | Valerio Pellegrini | WIRED UK


Juno | Estefan Cuanalo | Xinhua News Agency


Researchers in Italy | Sabina Castagnaviz | Corriere della Sera


The Amazon is between Africa and the Middle East | Marco Vergotti, Thaís Herrero, Alexandre Mansur | Época magazine


UEFA Euro 2016 | Giulia De Amicis | Corriere della Sera – La Lettura


Anatomy of a giant | Adolfo Arranz | Today


Manta rays in Brazil | Glauco Lara, Marcos Farrell | Estado de S. Paulo


Fantasy war | Miguel Ulloa Maciel | Reporte Indigo


Past and Present of the Delaunay Cup | Miguel Ángel Fernandez | Diário AS


Return of the Tiger Mosquito | Pedro Jiménez | El Mundo


BBVA Bancomer Tower| Luis Calderón Guerra | El Universal


Sculpted for running | Camila Brogliato, Ana Notte, Renata Montanhana, Fernando Pires, Erika Onodera | O2 magazine


The missing migrants map | Valério Pellegrini | Corriere della Sera – La Lettura


30 years since the “hand of God” and the “goal of the Century” | Manuel Cabrera | El Telégrafo


Space debris | Juan Pablo Bravo, René Olivares | El Mercurio


Howling in agony | Miguel Ulloa | Reporte Indigo


The monuments at risk | Sabina Castagnaviz | Corriere della Sera


Leicester ‘s Cinderella season | Alberto Lucas López | South China Morning Post


Hospitals 2010 (series) | Ivan Kemp | Sábado


Panama Canal expansion | Alfredo Peralta, Daniel Martínez, Francisco Lagos, Victor Nieto | La Razón de México


What happens after a nuclear war? | Bernardo Borges, Cristine Kist, Alexandre Jubran | Revista Galileu


Tom Cruise, the last great hero | Carlos Monteiro | i newspaper


Microchimerism | Ignacio Sanchez, Diego Bennett | Muy Interesante Argentina


The figures of ” green holiday “ | Sabina Castagnaviz | Corriere della Sera


Lords of the Air | András Dancsák, Andrea Németh, Anita Tóth | Nemzeti Sport


30th Anniversary of the declaration of Natural Park of L’ Albufera of Valencia | Pedro Jiménez | El Mundo


Light pollution | Estefan Cuanalo | Xinhua News Agency


Feel the impossible | Diana Estefanía Rubio | Tec Review


The neutrino changed physics | William Mariotto | Estado de S. Paulo


Making it to Mars | Valerio Pellegrini | BBC FOCUS Magazine


The American Bison | Hiram Henriquez


We like fish | Ivan Kemp, Marco Nunes Correia | Sábado


Greatest NBA team of all time? | Alberto Lucas López | South China Morning Post


That’s it for this special round up! Stay tuned for more visual journalism galore with our regular daily round ups, right here on Visualoop.

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.