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This is Visual Journalism [155]

Fresh selection of infographics printed in newspapers and magazines

January 20, 2017

Time to resume one of our audience’s favorite weekly round ups, the one dedicated to infographic design in printed magazines and newspapers. And since our amazing community didn’t stop sharing their works in our gallery duing the holiday season, we’ll obviously dedicate this first “This is Visual Journalism” post of 2017 exclusively to some of those recently added infographics.

Most of it relates to current news topics, both at a local and global level, published by quite a number of different newsrooms from across the world. Thanks to all of those who shared these works during this break-from-everything period, and let’s wish a great year for infographic design, hopefully with much more positive topics being covered than all the tragedies that we witnessed in 2016. And yes, today it’s probably not the best of days to say something like this.

Anyway, let’s just move on to this week’s selection, again, with works shared by the members of our community.

Map of fictional places | Federica Fragapane | Corriere della Sera – La Lettura


Fidel Castro: Beloved and Hated | Víctor Hugo Rocha, Daniel Álvarez, Carlos May | Quintana Roo Hoy


From Africa to the world: the journey of the HIV | Cátia Mendonça | Público


The return of the familiar | Marcelo Duhalde, Adolfo Arranz | South China Morning Post


Fifth Avenue in New York | Pedro Jiménez | El Mundo


Shrinking siege around Mossul | Marco Giannini | La Repubblica


Monsoons | Estefan Cuanalo | Xinhua News Agency


Assassin memories | Miguel Ulloa | Reporte Indigo


Divine Creations | Marco Hernandez | South China Morning Post


Russian ambassador assassinated | Daniel Lux Sandoval | Nuestro Diário


Clandestine cemetery | Rene Rivas, Jorge Contreras, Oscar Corvera | La Prensa Grafica


Where’s the talent? | Diana Estefanía Rubio | Tec Review Magazine


Jaguar | Elihu Galaviz, Alfredo Peralta | La Razon de Mexico


Rosberg vs Hamilton 2016 | Andrea Németh, Barna Zsoldos, Erika Michnik, András Dancsák | Nemzeti Sport


Way to extinction | Miguel Ulloa, Juanjo Güitrón | Reporte Indigo


Cannabis: A fluorescent market | Mário Malhão | O Jornal Económico


Mexican Oil | Daniel Martínez, Alfredo Peralta | La Razon de Mexico


Moon map | Estefan Cuanalo | Xinhua News Agency


20 years on the top of world tennis | Fernando Robato | Diario AS


Anis Amri’s escape from Berlin | Marco Giannini | La Repubblica


Angola: the legacy of ‘Zedu’ | Mário Malhão | O Jornal Económico


What is a heat wave? | Rodrigo Valenzuela | La Tercera


Sanctuary of the Virgin of Guadalupe | Daniel Lux Sandoval | Nuestro Diario


Rogue hope | Miguel Ulloa | Reporte Indigo


Vaquita goes extinct in Mexico | Francisco Lagos, Daniel Martínez, Luis de la Fuente | La Razon de Mexico


Consumption and export of Italian pasta in the world | Roberto Trinchieri | La Repubblica


Pantanal | Luiz Iria | Somos Educação


Historical crossing of the mountain range | Rodrigo Valenzuela, Alfredo Cáceres | La Tercera


100 years of the Columbus Market of Valencia | Pedro Jiménez | El Mundo


Astronomical Tourism in Chile | Juan Pablo Bravo, Francisco Escudero | El Mercurio


The year of Cristiano | Ignacio Sánchez | Visual Sports


Pastrňák vs. Crosby | Eva Škrovinova | CNC Sport


Christmas balls | Elihu Galaviz, Alfredo Peralta | La Razón de México


Traveling on the highway between art and food | Roberto Trinchieri | La Repubblica


Saturn / Cassini | Estefan Cuanalo | Xinhua News Agency


Banking: There are now less than 10,000 agencies in Portugal than in 2010 | Mário Malhão | O Jornal Económico


The last hope to save the European Eels | Pedro Jiménez | El Mundo


Lies and brain activity | Marco Giannini | La Repubblica


Andy Murray 2016 | Eva Škrovinová | Sport magazine


We’ll return next week with more infographics, but you can join thousands of Pinterest users who are following our boards – including the one with all the infographics published in this weekly column.

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.