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One year of Visual Loop!

A quick 'Thank you' message for sticking with us for a whole year

July 1, 2013


Wait a minute, only one year of Visual Loop?

Well, not exactly, if you consider the time we’ve been updating our Tumblr. But one year ago, in this day, we launched two new sites, Visual Loop and Visual Loop Brasil,  and we couldn’t let that date skip our calendar without mention it.

A look at the new Visual Loop
One year ago, Visual Loop was launched. Here’s how our home page looked back then


This is a quick post just to thank all of those that made (are making) this journey so fun and enlightening. These new sites brought us closer to amazing infographic designers and data visualization experts from all across the world, either in our Portfolio of the Week or on our Interview section. And it also allowed us to meet young talented students and designers, who presented their projects to our audience, in form of guest posts.

These collaborations, together with the growing number of regular columnists, and your (yes, you) support since the very beginning, are all the proof we ever needed that there’s plenty of room for a new digital environment such as Visual Loop to co-exist with the ‘top dogs’.

And it’s also what we need to keep looking at the future with a smile.

Thanks to you all.

Tiago Veloso

Founder of Visual Loop

Written by Tiago Veloso

Tiago Veloso is the founder and editor of Visualoop and Visualoop Brasil . He is Portuguese, currently based in Bonito, Brazil.


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